Take the Frontline Quiz


Frontline is back and the 30v30 battles are calling you! With special abilities, offensive and defensive gameplay and massive maps, the mode can certainly prove challenging and you better be prepared.

Of course you're asking: “Which tank should I roll out in?”

Look no further! Just take this tank personality test, pick out the three words that best describe you, we'll tell you which vehicle is your perfect match! The test is available before 25 October, 2021 (04:00 UTC+8).

Don’t believe us? We’ll also give you a 5-battle rental of the vehicle so you can testdrive it and see if we were right! These vehicles can be purchased with in-game Gold until 28 October, 2021(04:00 UTC+8) .

Note: The quiz can be attempted as many times as you like, but only 1 bonus code can be redeemed.


What is Frontline?

An epic mode where you team up with 30 players and battle it out against an enemy team of 30 players. There are 2 huge 9 km² maps.

Learn more about Frontline here!  

How to buy a Frontline Quiz rental vehicle

  1. Play a battle with the rental vehicle.
  2. After the battle, an option to purchase a Frontline Quiz vehicle will appear in the in-game shop menu.
  3. Click the banner and purchase the rental vehicle.