Fair Play Update - Apr 2020

Tank Commanders,

As many of you are aware, over the past several months we have seen an uncharacteristically high number of illegitimate ‘bot’ accounts across the APAC servers. Aside from the clear breach of our Fair Play Policy, this creates a detrimental experience for all of our legitimate players and is something World of Tanks takes a zero-tolerance stance on.

Today we are announcing our new process of anti-bot measures on the server. The new system has been running successfully for several weeks now, having already removed 6,720 accounts from the APAC region, with more to follow on a daily basis. These accounts are not subject to standard escalation procedures, all of which avoid suspension and instantly receive a permanent ban.

We would like to acknowledge your patience and understanding while we have tackled this problem and continue to refine our process–particularly our players on the ANZ server. When having to evaluate something as serious as automatic banning, a great deal of time and care must be taken to ensure genuine players do not get caught in such a system.

If you'd like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, read the detailed Fair Play Policy.

Should you encounter an illegal bot program during battles in World of Tanks, you are still able to report the account to Player Support here or to any of the ‘bot-spotting’ channels in our Discord server.

If you believe you have been incorrectly banned by the recent wave, please contact Player Support here.

A good game is a fair game; we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!