Congratulations to Ravvi for winning the competition, with stewiejp coming in at a very, very close second. To celebrate, Ravvi will be given a special set of 45 bonus codes to share with his community with stewiejp receiving 20. Make sure to tune in to their streams below from Monday for your chance to win!

USER Napalmer Assassin_Gaelic stewiejp Ravvi
Battle Pass Level 12 11 45 45
The Battle Pass is here! Offering players all sorts of rewards, including Boosters, Bonds and Bounty Equipment!
Never ones to shy away from a good rivalry, some of your favourite ANZ CCs will be racing to see who can complete their Battle Pass the quickest!
Join Napalmer, StewieJP and Assassin_Gaelic as they spend the next weeks grinding the Battle Pass to show you just what it takes to earn all the rewards, and who earns the bragging rights as Battle Pass King of ANZ. 
Each of the three racers above will be supplied with a healthy amount of bonus codes to share with their supporters. The more levels they unlock, the more codes they'll have to give away! 
You can find all of their streams below, and make sure to keep an eye on this article, as we will continue to update their progress here as the season progresses.