Tactics and Strategy Basics: A Way to Better Statistics


The final installment of our educational video series is about improving your results.

Deep down, every player wants to be proud of their post-battle results. They want to take first place in Ranked Battles, earn great rewards, and know that victory was thanks to them.

Well, we've got good news: Becoming a good player isn't that hard! You just need time, training, and a desire to do better. We're happy to help with the training.

Episode 1 explored the importance of key battlefield positions and how you can contest and capture them to gain the advantage. Episode 2 looks at how your initial moves lay the foundation for the rest of the battle. In Episode 3, we'll discuss which WTR parameters are important for specific vehicle types and what are the differences between vehicle roles. We will also explore how to fire, block damage, and spot enemy vehicles. Watch now! 


Highlights from the Video

The Foundation of Skill

WTR will help you to evaluate your actions objectively. It's calculated with a complex formula, but there are only a few key indicators:

  • Damage blocked
  • Damage caused
  • Damage caused with your assistance
  • The number of enemy vehicles you have destroyed
  • Survival rate

The influence of this or that indicator on the rating directly depends on the role of the vehicle in which you enter battle.

Watch the video for more details!

Vehicle Strengths

A vehicle's parameters determine its strengths. And they, in turn, determine the vehicle's role in battle. Effective use of the vehicle's strengths leads to an increase in the corresponding WTR values.

  • For vehicles with huge damage per shot, magazines, or autoreloaders, the average damage per battle is an important performance indicator.
  • For fast-firing vehicles with low damage per shot, damage itself is not the only factor, but also the number of enemies destroyed.
  • Vehicles with accurate guns and weak armor should cause damage from a distance.
  • For mobile vehicles with a good view range, the amount of assisted damage is important.
  • And if a vehicle has great armor and a lot of hit points, the key performance indicators will include blocked damage along with caused damage.

Watch the video for more details!

Mastering Each Skill

To increase different indicators, you need to develop different skills. 

To increase blocked damage along with caused damage, you need to learn how to "tank". "Tanking" is exposing your vehicle's armor to enemy fire in such a way that you preserve your HP. 

Causing damage is the ability to shoot, hit, and penetrate an opponent's vehicle. To develop this skill, you need to learn the penetration mechanics of different ammo types, know weak spots of vehicles and have the ability to select targets. 

The average number of vehicles destroyed is an indicator that reflects your ability to reduce the number of vehicles on the enemy team. It's easy to master this skill—move the camera away while reloading and look for enemies with low HP. The easiest way to make a kill is when you have high armor penetration and alpha damage.

Assisted damage, or damage caused with a player's assistance, is the ability to assist allies in causing damage to enemy vehicles by spotting, immobilizing, or stunning them.

Survivability is the ability to save your hit points in any situation while taking useful actions for the team. The longer you survive—the more you can spot and fire.

Watch the video for more details!

Roll out!