Tactics and Strategy: Initial Routes


Knowing how to exploit conditions and start strong may be the difference between winning and losing. If you're struggling to get into the ideal positions, identify which targets to prioritize, or not get stranded in no man's land, then our latest Tactics and Strategy Basis video could be just the right answer for you.

Episode 1 explored the importance of key battlefield positions and how you can contest and capture them to gain the advantage. Episode 2 looks at how your initial moves lay the foundation for the rest of the battle. Learn how to assess team lineups, key positions on the map, and then determine the best initial play for yourself. Watch now! 

Some Tactics from the Video

Target Priority

If there’s only one target, it’s simple: every shot is a chance to cause damage. There’s no other options, so fire away. If there are several targets, you should:

  • Evaluate their armor and fire at the one that is easier to penetrate. It might have thinner armor, or it might be exposing its sides.
  • Evaluate the firepower of your targets. Tanks with autoloaders or high damage per shot, should be your priority. This will help decrease the cost of mistakes for the allied vehicles on the front line.
  • Evaluate the general tactical danger of the target. For example, light tanks that play too aggressively on open maps and expose themselves should be sent back to the garage first.

Watch the video for more details!

Picking A Position For Your Tank

When you learn how to prioritize and damage targets quickly, you’ll be able to proceed to the next level! For example, if you’re playing a heavy tank with poor gun depression, and the enemy has a tank with a sturdy turret and good gun depression, you can assume that a skirmish on uneven terrain against this vehicle won’t end in your favor.

Eliminating this target before it takes a key position increases your chance to be among the top players by damage caused and will allow you to make a decisive contribution to the team’s victory.

Watch the video for more details!

Analyze The Team Setup

If you think about everything we’ve discussed, you’ll obtain one of the most important tanker’s skills: the ability to analyze team setups and predict the course of a battle. This will help you define your role correctly, because it might differ from the role attributed to your tank in its description.

To avoid getting into disadvantageous situations, you should try to evaluate the components of Random Battle tactics before the start of battle. Start with the simple ones: the key locations on the map; your place on the team list and your ability to play aggressively; the convenient positions for the different vehicle roles on both teams; the ability to crossfire and support each other; then choose your position and the route you intend to take.

Watch the video for more details!

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