Tactics and Strategy: Key Positions


Strategy, team play, and decisiveness are crucial components for a successful battle. The role you play, the vehicle you play in, and the map terrain you fight on all make a difference. 

Our latest short video series offers some handy tips and tricks to hone your battlefield prowess and help you read the battle situation better. First up, we look at how you can contest and capture key positions!

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Some Tactics from the Video

Imagine three coloured lines exist on the map: green, orange, and red.

The green being the center of the map with the potential for the most heated clashes. The orange lines are for support vehicles with accurate guns but lower survivability. For base defence and SPG positions, we've got the red lines.

On the orange lines, vehicles can use bushes, felled trees, and foliageto remain concealed while causing damage to the opposition.

Watch the video for more details!


At the red lines, SPGs should position themselves away from danger at the start of battle. 

Areas with a lot of open space and irregular terrain are usually where you'll find the most mobile vehicles in fast-paced, dynamic skirmishes, or attempting to scout.

Hills, ridges, and uneven areas are where vehicles with good gun depression are most effective, regardless of role.

Watch the video for more details!


In World of Tanks, two guns are better than one. Share HP and focus fire on lone enemies. Outnumber your enemies to overpower them and gain an advantage in firepower and HP. Knowledge of specific lines of fire in battle allows you to cause more damage with your allies.

Watch the video for more details!


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