Game On Cancer x Wargaming Sydney Charity Stream Wrap-up

You may have seen a cheeky charity drive that happened last week over Thursday, Friday and Saturday - with the World of Tanks ANZ team teaming up with ANZ CC's to combine for a total of twenty hours of streaming, all in the name to defeat cancer for good in this generation!

If you missed the Thursday stream, it's probably a good thing you did. Maybe. There was Tanks, Trivia Pursuit, exercises incentives, the silent auction (which everyone wanted updates every 10 minutes) and fun among the entire team! JayRated absolutely the heart and soul of the team once again, ready to break out the dance moves at a moments notice!

Many thanks once again to our ANZ CC team, who smashed out twelve hours of streaming between them, and made a Saturday pass very quickly! Make you follow them, as they're frequently active, and alongside being the community ambassadors and putting effort into such activities as charity streaming, they'll also bring the freshest content to you - hot off the press. And I'd like to think they're pretty entertaining as well!


You're probably curious on what the top bidders paid for some of the items, alongside with the total raised so far!

Most people expected the  X FV215b (183)   to be the primary focus - and they weren't wrong, with Run_Away_Brave_Sir_Robin, a long time member of the ANZ community, picking it up for $599 AUD! Stories is that he'll be hunting down a few soft targets, and maybe bravely running away (we call that "repositioning" down under).

The battle between Jake and Kev's hair colour was a fierce one, but looks like JayRated's a bit washed up compared to the young stallion in KaRath - but between them, Jordy and Dongerlord will contribute $419 AUD to tackling cancer, while making both members of the team look smashing for ANZPL finals! You'll be able to see their hair colour pretty soon!

Thanks to your combined efforts, we've raised $8114.99 in total - an amazing figure, and absolutely not possible without any of support, whether you have been part of our streams for the first time, or for many years.

As a reminder, $10 from every paid ticket from our ANZPL Finals will also go towards the proceeds, bumping this figure up even higher! And you can still donate if you wish - every dollar helps to fund research, and defeating cancer once and for all.