ANZPL Season 4 LAN Grand Final

It has been a hot minute, but ANZPL Season 4 will be making it's glorious return to the offline LAN venue, with the grand finals being held at Fortress Melbourne , on Saturday the 25th of June! 

We've had over ten weeks of round robin play, and the first finals team has been identified - with the North Sydney Sentinels looking to back up their titles from Season 1 and Season 2. They'll be awaiting the winner of the South Sydney Skorpions and the Perth Panthers, who will be competing this Friday on the 10th of June to determine who will fly out and contest with the best.

As always, the teams are fighting for a shot at cash money (the lion's share of $25,000!), merchandise thanks to our sponsors, and eternal glory being carved onto the trophies that will be issued to the winners. And the best way to experience this all - live in the Alienware Arena at Fortress Melbourne, in the heart of Melbourne CBD - watching the action unfold on the big screen and stage in front of you.

And it wouldn't be an ANZ World of Tanks event without multiple inclusions, such as giveaways, team-themed drinks, the famous Hot Tog (unfortunately, we couldn't make a replica TOG II to bring down to Fortress with us, so this is the best you'll get), and of course, the (in)famous community bar tab! Tickets are on sale now, with proceeds of the tickets going towards the Game On Cancer charity as part of our Cure Cancer drive for the month of June.

Register Here  

For whatever reason, you don't want to say hello and see the new hair colours of JayRatedKaRath, and the other WeeGees, the action will kick off at 7PM AEST at the usual place - we've got a fantastic showmatch before a tantalising grand final, so make sure you've readied up some snacks, and you're prepared to scream in excitement at the most hype moments during the ANZPL Grand Finals!