League Overview

About the APAC League

The APAC League is a major tournament comprising 3 local leagues – the ANZ, JPN, and SEA Leagues – which will each produce their own champions to compete for regional supremacy, bragging rights, and the glory of victory.

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Sounds enticing? You bet! Here's how the route to competitive World of Tanks stardom looks like:

The structure of the tournament may be changed at the discretion of Wargaming Asia in accordance with the number of participating teams. Please check worldoftanks.asia frequently for the latest updates.

Stage 1: The Qualifiers


Registration period: 9 - 20 April 2018
Match date: 28 April 2018

Join the APAC League

The first step for any budding eSports star wishing to be part of the APAC League is to register for their local Qualifiers. All Asia server players physically residing in APAC are eligible to join their respective local leagues, as follows:

  • ANZ League: For players living in Australia/New Zealand only
  • JPN League: For players living in Japan only
  • SEA League: For players living in all APAC countries, excluding China, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and the CIS region

IMPORTANT! Please note that each team may only consist of up to 3 players based in APAC countries that are not eligible for their chosen local leagues. For example:

  • Team A joins the SEA League with 2 players from Taiwan, 2 from Korea & 3 from Japan
  • Team B joins the JPN League with 3 players from Japan, 2 from Thailand and 2 from Australia

Since this is the inaugural Season of the APAC League, the top 5 ANZ Qualifiers teams will join Wargaming.net League fan favourites Team Efficiency directly in the ANZ Major League, while the top 5 SEA Qualifiers teams will complete the roster of the SEA Major League alongside WGL veterans Lupin.

The JPN Major League, on the other hand, will be populated by WGL powerhouse Caren Tiger and the top 5 teams from last year's Japan Silver Invitational League. Thus, the 4 best JPN Qualifiers teams will be seeded into the JPN Minor League instead, where they will fight for the right to enter the JPN Major League next Season.


Stage 2: The Minor Leagues


Match dates: Every Saturday, 5 - 26 May 2018 (Round-robin)
3 June 2018 (Playoffs)
10 June 2018 (Finals)

Future Seasons of the APAC League may feature Minor Leagues for ANZ and SEA too, but for now only JPN Qualifier teams will be able to qualify for the JPN Minor League. With 2 spots already assigned to the 6th- and 7th-placed Japan Silver Invitational League teams, Sense X & Ricocheet Zenith, 4 seats remain for the taking. Will your team be able to secure one?

JPN Minor League Prizes (per Team)

1st Place 30,000
2nd Place 25,000
3rd Place 20,000
4th Place 15,000
5th Place 10,000
6th Place 5,000

The top 2 teams emerging from the JPN Minor League will earn the chance to enter next Season's JPN Major League through a post-Season playoff. Look out for more details on this closer to the date!


Stage 3: The Major Leagues


Match dates: Every Saturday, 5 - 26 May 2018 (Round-robin)
2 June 2018 (Playoffs)
9 June 2018 (Finals)

Ready to show that yours is the strongest team nationwide? The Major League is where it's at. Following a month of round-robin matches, the best 3 teams of each local league will go head-to-head in a gauntlet-style Playoff to determine the champions of the ANZ/SEA/JPN Leagues.

Major League Prizes (per Team)

1st Place 120,000
2nd Place 90,000
3rd Place 65,000
4th Place 50,000
5th Place 40,000
6th Place 35,000

The 2 teams in each League who rise to the top in the Major League Playoffs will then go on to represent their countries and fight for the title of APAC League grand champion in the next and final round – the APAC Masters.


Stage 4: The APAC Masters


Match dates: 23 June 2018 (Playoffs)
30 June 2018 (Finals)

We're finally here at the pinnacle of World of Tanks skill – the APAC Masters! Here the top 2 teams from the ANZ, SEA, and JPN leagues will gather for a final, electrifying showdown, streamed live for their cheering fans all over APAC. Which of these 6 formidable contenders will carry off the regional crown?

This last grand battle will unfold in 2 stages: First, the Playoffs, where the three 2nd-placed teams from each League will compete among themselves. Only 1 team will survive this round and prove themselves worthy to enter the APAC Masters Finals, where they will encounter the top teams from all 3 Leagues in the ultimate struggle for the championship title and the biggest slice of the 10,000 USD prize pool.

1st Place

5,000 USD

2nd Place

2,500 USD

3rd/4th Place

1,250 USD


Stage 5: The Aftermath


Once the dust has settled from the APAC Masters and the newly-minted regional champions have duly celebrated their victory, it'll be time for the remaining teams to lick their wounds and look forward to the next Season of the APAC League in August 2018.

In each local League, the last 2 teams from each Major League will have to fight to avoid relegation in the coming Season. For the JPN League, the top 2 JPN Minor League teams will rise to meet them in battle, while in the ANZ and SEA Leagues, it will be the top 2 Qualifiers teams challenging them for their seats. At the same time, the last 2 teams from JPN Minor should watch their backs as some young challengers from JPN Qualifier might come for their spots too.

Will the Majors veterans be able to hold on to their spots, or can the newcomers overthrow them and earn a shot at World of Tanks glory? Stay tuned to find out more!