Celebrate the WoT 13th Anniversary with Twitch Drops, Discounts, Bonuses and More!


Join the celebration of World of Tanks' 13th Anniversary! Don't miss 11 full days of thrilling discounts, drops, and bonuses. Check out the event guide for all the details on this celebration and the fantastic rewards waiting for you like, 2D and 3D styles, WoT Premium days, Personal Reserves, and more.

Throughout the event, you can take advantage of discounts and Community Contributor Drops available on August 10 and 16, which will last until the end of the event. Additionally, there will be exclusive Mystery Drops on August 11, providing a chance to get the sought-after VIII KV-4 KTTS  — but remember, Mystery Drops are only available on that day!

Discounts, Bonus, and Better Crew Conversion Rates

Available from August 10 at 06:00 through August 22 at 00:00 (UTC+8)

Better Crew XP Conversion

During the second part of the anniversary celebration, treat yourself to 50% off gold and credits for consumables, equipment, Garage slots, and customization items. You can also give your crews a boost with a better Free XP to Crew XP (1 = 5 25) conversion rate. After each battle, 5% of the XP you earned is converted into Free XP. Better yet, the XP of Elite and Premium vehicles can also be converted into Free XP.


  • 30% credits discount on regular Tier VI–VII vehicles*

Does not include the Japanese TD line, Chinese HT line and Italian TD line.

  • 15% credits discount on regular Tier VIII–X vehicles*

Does not include the Japanese TD line, Chinese HT line and Italian TD line.

  • 30% credits discount on collectible Tier VI–VII vehicles

  • 15% credits discount on collectible Tier VIII–X vehicles

  • 50% gold discount on Customizations

  • 50% gold discount on Crew training / retraining

  • 25% gold discount on Crew specialization

Daily Win Bonus, Discounts, Better XP Conversion

Available from August 17 at 00:00 through August 22 at 00:00 (UTC+8)

Improved XP Conversion Rate

Embrace this occasion to explore new Tech Tree lines or reach the final vehicles of a line you have already started. The improved conversion rate for XP into Free XP (1 = 25 35) will skyrocket your research progress.

Daily Win Bonus

Don't miss the chance to get your hands on XP daily win bonus.

  • 50% credits discount on consumables

  • 50% credits discount on equipment

  • World of Tanks Premium Account

    • 3 days: 650 -> 450 
    • 7 days: 1,250 ->1,000 
    • 14 days: 1,800 -> 1,400 

Anniversary Streams and Mystery Drops

Official World of Tanks Channels Drops

 Available on August 11 from 17:00 through August 12 06:00 (UTC+8)

Tune in to APAC's official channel and keep watching to get your Drops! You can get drops by watching Europe's official English Twitch channel as well!




August 11

 Twitch (Korea)

18:00 UTC+8

 Twitch (EU)

17:00 UTC+8


  • After 60 Minutes
  • After 120 Minutes
  • After 150 Minutes
After 60 Minutes

Guaranteed Drop

  • x3 Projection Decal: Birthday Cake
After 120 Minutes

Guaranteed Drops

  • x3 Personal Reserves: +50% to XP, 1 hour
  • x3 Personal Reserves: +200% to Free/Crew XP, 1 hour
  • x3 Personal Reserves: + 50% credits, 1 hour
After 150 Minutes

Mystery Drop

One of the following:

If you already own the vehicle, you will receive compensation equal to the vehicle's value in credit. Vehicles come with a Garage slot and 100% trained crew.

Community Contributor Channel Drops

Available from August 10 at 22:00 through August 20 at 21:00 (UTC+8)

You can also tune in to your favorite CC's stream and earn Anniversary Coins. Exchange these coins in the new Anniversary Store where you can find Decals, 2D Styles, WoT Premium days, and more!

  • After 90 minutes
  • After 150 minutes
  • After 240 minutes:
After 90 minutes

Guaranteed Drop

  • 1 coin for the Anniversary Store
After 150 minutes

Guaranteed Drop

  • 1 coin for the Anniversary Store
After 240 minutes:

Guaranteed Drop

  • 1 coin for the Anniversary Store

How to Receive Twitch Drops

  1. Link your World of Tanks and Twitch accounts.
  2. Track your progress towards Twitch Drops via the progress bar, which can be accessed by clicking your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Twitch page. The progress bar must reach 100% before you can claim your Drop.
  3. Claim the Drop within 24 hours of the end of the campaign. To claim, click the button in the pop-up notification on the stream interface or in your personal Twitch Inventory. If you forget to claim your Drop, the reward will disappear 24 hours after the campaign ends.

For more information on how to link your accounts, click the button below to see our full Twitch Drops guide.



Mark your calendars for the grand 13th Anniversary event, spanning from August 10 to August 21. With 11 action-packed days ahead, brace yourself for an array of discounts, specials, drops, and unbeatable offers! Stay tuned to the portal for information on all the exciting activities, and make sure to log in every day for delightful surprises!

Roll out for 13 more years!