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Refer a Friend: The Recruitment Program

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Tank Commanders!

Play World of Tanks with a referred friend to get the best out of the game. This recruitment program allows you and your recruit to earn in-game bonuses and rewards together! You can find the complete details of the Refer a Friend program here.

Refer a Friend: The Recruitment Program

The Recruitment Program gives players an opportunity to invite friends to World of Tanks, team up with them, and play together. The program is accessible to active World of Tanks players. A player may become either a Recruiter or a Recruit. All program participants additionally have an opportunity to receive unique rewards and bonuses.

Note: Suspended accounts cannot participate either way in the program.

Differences between a Recruiter and Recruit

  • A Recruiter invites players to play.
  • They can be new or former players.
  • To be a Recruiter, you must have a minimum of 100 battles fought, including at least one battle within the last 60 days.
  • A Recruiter can have no more than 50 Recruits.
  • A Recruit is a player who has accepted an invitation to the game from a particular Recruiter.
  • Recruits include people who do not yet have a registered account with any games.
  • Recruits can also consist of former players who have been inactive for a long period of time.

Please Note! Recruiters and recruits must meet the program's criteria by 23:59 UTC 15.03.2015 in order to participate.

Refer a Friend: Rewards & Bonuses  

Both the Recruiter and Recruit can earn various rewards and bonuses under the following conditions:

  • They play in the same Platoon.
  • They win battles.
  • Both are among the team’s Top 10 in Experience earned.

Recruiters receive additional rewards for teaming up and playing together with their recruits. The reward is determined by the amount of Experience in the pool. Accumulate enough Experience, and you'll be rewarded with an exclusive, reward tank!

T95E2 American Medium Tank

American T95E2 medium tank Reward vehicle


T95E2 Statistics (Click image to enlarge)

The recruiter will receive the T95E2 medium tank without a Crew in reward if one of the new players invited by this Recruiter purchases a tier X vehicle. The T95E2 is a reward tank which gives the following bonuses:

  • 50% more Crew Experience per battle
  • “Elite” status, allowing the player to earn more Free Experience
  • The option to assign Crew members from the same vehicle type and nation without any penalties or retraining
  • The ability to "accelerate crew training" beginning with the first battle

The Refer a Friend: Recruitment Program is an excellent opportunity to earn additional experience and receive unique rewards! Try it out today!