Take Full Advantage of All the Holiday Ops 2023 Benefits!

The New Year is here, but the holiday spirit will live on for a while yet, Commanders!

Our festivities run until January 9, 2023, at 11:00 (UTC+8), so you still have a week to complete some Holiday Ops to-dos! Here's a checklist to help you take full advantage of all the Holiday Ops benefits.


1. Complete the Holiday Ops 2023 Challenge!

Even if you missed the beginning of the event, you are not at a disadvantage! All missions are cumulative and can be completed at the same time.

By completing these missions, you can get your hands on a load of nice juicy rewards, including the following:

  • A unique medal, cool inscriptions, and an amazing decal
  • A spectacular 2D style featuring Milla Jovovich and unique Marks of Excellence
  • Milla Jovovich herself as a tank commander with an exclusive voiceover—Milla comes with fully trained Repair and Firefighting skills, Brothers in Arms as a zero perk, and enough experience to learn a fourth skill or perk

Additionally, completing Missions From Milla will grant you credit discounts on researchable vehicles.

Didn't manage to complete last year’s Missions From Arnie during Holiday Ops 2022? After you complete all 28 Missions From Milla, you will have the opportunity to unlock additional Missions From Arnie. You can unlock up to four missions in total, and completing each one will earn you a cool Arnie-themed reward, including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a tank commander with a unique voiceover!

2. Finish Assignments From Guests!

And don’t forget about Assignments from our incredible guest stars, Milla and Arnie! Complete these special quests by spending a certain amount of Warm Amber and   Meteoric Iron. Upon completing a given number of Assignments, you will receive stunning decals and spectacular 2D styles from Milla and Arnie with unique Marks of Excellence.

New 2D Style from Milla

New 2D Style from Arnie

On top of that, each completed Assignment From Arnie or Milla simultaneously increases all economic bonuses in the game! When you finish an Assignment, you'll slightly increase the bonus to credits and bonuses to all types of XP—Free, Combat, and Crew—in Random Battles (including Grand Battles).

3. Reach Festive Atmosphere Level X to Get the Maximum Rewards Possible!

Be sure to reach Festive Atmosphere Level X to obtain all the valuable in-game rewards available within this event progression! You can get up to four female crew members, a brand-new festive 2D style with unique Marks of Excellence, and much, much more!

To improve the Festive Atmosphere Level, you need to upgrade decorative objects from Level 1 to Level 5 by investing  Rock Crystal and  Pure Emerald. Take your time collecting them in various ways, including by completing Daily Missions and visiting your Best Friends’ Villages. The holiday season is a great time to pay visits to your fellow tankers and get some extra resources!

4. Don't Miss Your Chance to Get Formidable Vehicles and Cool 3D Styles!

Your festive Village will be disabled at the end of the event on January 9, 2023, so you will no longer be able to purchase Large Boxes. If you’re short on resources, now is the best time to grab them! And, of course, Large Boxes may drop exclusive Tier VIII and IX Premium vehicles, including these three brand-new tanks:

  • NEW! VIII M47 Iron Arnie : A multi-role American Tier VIII medium tank with an enhanced armament and armor. It’s based on the same vehicle that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns!
  • NEW! VIII BZ-176 : A Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank, and a pioneer of the upcoming branch that features the new jet booster mechanic.
  • NEW! The Char Mle. 75 : A French Tier IX light tank, and the first Tier IX Premium vehicle from Large Boxes! It features two speed modes and is equipped with a unique six-shell autoloader.

You might also find a brand-new 3D style for one of the following Tier IX or X vehicles:

  • Super Conqueror
  • Strv 103B
  • Controcarro 3 Minotauro
  • Bat.-Châtillon
  • Char Futur 4

After the Event

  • Once the event ends, you won’t be able to apply unused credit discounts on researchable vehicles. Be sure to activate them before January 9, 2023.
  • Any unopened Large Boxes and unspent Gift Terminal Tokens will be opened automatically at the end of the event, and their rewards will be stored on your account.
  • Any Large Boxes that you sent as gifts but were not accepted by their recipients will be returned to your account and opened automatically.
  • To accept or reject Large Boxes that have been given to you as gifts, please log in to your account in the Premium Shop.
  • All of your Holiday Ops resources that you accumulated during the event will disappear.
  • After the end of the event, once the festive Holiday Ops Garage is disabled, your dog friend Chaffee will bid you farewell and leave with all his items you purchased, which will not be compensated.

We hope that you've been enjoying Holiday Ops 2023, winning many epic battles and earning tons of great rewards, Commanders! Stay warm, and keep yourself in a festive mood!