[Updated] New Bond Shop Items - More Tanks Available!


Got yourself some bonds during the recent Steel Hunter and War Gods events? There's good news! Check the Bond Shop for a new selection of Premium vehicles and 3D styles!

See the new items below, and take advantage of the expanded selection when Update 1.20 launches.

New Bond Shop Items

Item bond price
X 113 Beijing Opera   15,000 
VIII Lorraine 40 t   8,000 
VII T23E3   6,000 
"40:1" 3D Style (for X 60TP Lewandowskiego ) 3,000 
"Winter Lotus" 3D Style (for X STB-1 ) 3,000 
"Klarer Himmel" 3D Style (for X E 100 ) 3,000 
Increased Shell Resistance 6,000 

With each tank, you will also receive a free Garage slot and a 100% trained Crew.

  • "40:1" 3D Style
  • "Winter Lotus" 3D Style
  • "Klarer Himmel" 3D Style

Bond FAQ


What are bonds?

Bonds are a valuable in-game currency and one of the most coveted prizes for both novices and experienced tank aces. They can be used to purchase unique vehicles and other goodies that can’t be obtained with other currencies. Moreover, bonds give you access to vehicle upgrades that can maximize your battle performance.

How can I earn bonds?

  • Completing certain Battle Pass Stages
  • Completing Tier X battles (some Tier IX vehicles can also earn bonds)
  • Various events, such as Frontline and Steel Hunter
  • Achieving a certain rank in Ranked Battles
  • Daily Missions
  • Earning specific medals

Where can I find the Bond Shop?

From your Garage, simply head to the STORE and open ITEMS FOR BONDS to enter the Bond Shop.