Steel Hunter is Back!


Steel Hunter is returning to World of Tanks!

You'll need to prove once again that you're the best of the best. And this time, the battles will be even fiercer. What awaits you is the same uncompromising fight for the right to be the last standing player—but now with impressive rewards, too!

It's time to show if you've got what it takes! Because in the end, there can only be one.

Steel Hunter 2023

January 30 2023, 07:00 through February 13 2023, 04:00 (UTC+8)

Daily Ceasefire:

03:00 - 07:00 (UTC+8) 

What's Changed?

Balance Changes

  • Heavy tanks received a small nerf as they dominated all stages of the game.
  • The Bái Láng and the Huragan received small boosts as they were ineffective in the early stages of the game.
  • The Harbinger, the Arlequin, and the Raven were rebalanced with buffs and nerfs.

Modified the cost of rent

  • Walküre - 350 
  • Harbinger - 350 
  • Bái Láng - 600 
  • Huragan - 600 
  • Beowulf - 600 

And the duration of the lease of tanks for steel seals has been changed - now it lasts for 5 days.

New Rewards & Progression

  • Progression contains 12 steps. It is completed by completing the Daily Combat Objectives of the Mode.
  • Total progression capacity 360 points, 30 points per level, start at level 0.

Steel Hunter Regulations


Survive at any cost, destroy all your opponents, and be the last Steel Hunter standing!