ANZPL - Revisions and FAQ

ANZ Commanders,

As you are well aware, last week we announced the ANZ Premier League, the first World of Tanks esports competition exclusive to Australia and New Zealand!

We have received over 70 applications for the qualifying stage, meaning we already can field 10 full teams as planned. However the locations of those applications, and feedback from players throughout the weekend has informed some revisions we have made to both the qualifying stage and the teams themselves.

Please see below revisions to the ANZPL, along with some frequently asked questions that we received over the weekend.


  • Qualifying has been revised from being a Single Elimination to a Round Robin. Still in a 1v1 format, players will now be placed in groups of four, with each player competing in two rounds against their opponent. The top two will advance, the bottom two will be eliminated, with the top players being regrouped in the same format until a clear top three from each state/territory can be established. Note: Fog of War will be active.
  • Teams with less than six applicants for their respective State/Territory will be substituted for additional Teams for States/Territories with more than 12. Applicants from a State/Territory that will no longer have a team representing them will still enter into the qualifier of a neighbouring State/Territory.
  • As it stands: Northern Territory, Tasmania, and the ACT will be replaced with additional teams for NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Qualifiers from New Zealand will be split between North and South island teams.
  • The First Round of the Premier League has been delayed from Friday the 11th to Sunday the 13th of September. All following rounds and finals will still be played every Friday henceforth.

If you have still yet to apply, make sure to sign up via the link below! Looking at you: TasmaniaNorthern TerritoryACT and South Island! If you don’t want your teams being handed over to those dirty city-slickers, get registering!

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Why can’t I pick my team?

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback from the ANZ community regarding competitive activities is the disparity between ‘top’ clans and even other high-level clans/teams. We believe that this system will allow any individual player with the right skill level a fair chance at not only qualifying but also competing. Additionally, for someone who may not be as familiar with players/clans in the community, building teams around States/Territories allows anyone to feel connected to and support their local team, regardless of who they may know in it!

How does the Draft work?

Once the top three State/Territory seeded players have been established, the next 30 players will be placed in the draft based on their average WTR at Tier 10. The teams (currently consisting of three players each prior to the Draft) will also be ranked based on their average WTR at Tier 10. Teams with the lowest average will have the first picks, while teams with the highest average will be lower down the pecking order, ensuring that teams with less access to high-skill players based on location can still build a strong team.

How does Qualifying work for States/Territories with low numbers of registration?

As mentioned above, locations that can not field a full team will not be considered, making way for locations with a surplus of applications. If for example the ACT only registers three applications, those players will still have to qualify alongside NSW players, or players of another State/Territory. Put simply, players will not automatically qualify for a team simply because there are not enough people in their State to be graded against.

How can I see my WTR?

WTR (to clarify, this is not Personal Rating as seen in your service record) can be found through the Achievements > Vehicles tab of the in-game client. WTR is based on your skill with a vehicle, relative to the rest of the server’s skill with that vehicle. You can only see it on a tank-by-tank basis however, not as an average per tier.

Can I tank (pun intended) my qualifiers just so I can be put in the Draft?

This is not advisable, as you have no way of knowing for certain what the WTR of players you’re qualifying against will be. In the event you throw your qualifying matches, your WTR might not be high enough to see you get placed in the Draft at all; meaning you just threw your entire opportunity to play in the Premier League this season. It is in every applicant’s best interest to try and be seeded in a team before the Draft, with your WTR acting as a contingency, not an express pass.

We hope this clarifies some of the ambiguity around the newer elements to this competitive approach, in addition to providing some reassurance regarding the perception of ‘one and done’ qualifiers. 

We are so thankful for your support, feedback and excitement regarding this all-new endeavour into esports, see you on the battlefield!

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