Announcing the ANZ Premier League!

It is our absolute pleasure and honour to announce the new World of Tanks Australia and New Zealand Premier League. A newly-created esports league built with teams representing each State and Territory in Australia, as well as the North and South Island of New Zealand.


The Premier League will be a 12-week tournament running from Friday the 11th of September till the Finals held on Friday the 27th of November, fighting for glory, bragging rights and a $10,000 AUD cash prize.

Teams will be built from the best of the best of each State, Territory and Island. Trials will be open to every single ANZ resident and will be held on August 28th 2020 in a state by state, one-versus-one qualifier. The top three forming the base of each team, with the additional three players being picked in a Premier League Draft, hosted on the WorldofTanksANZ Twitch Channel on the 1st of September.


Each team will have their own colours, logo and identity, along with a special broadcast-only camouflage. Teams will be made up of five players plus reserves, with rosters and team identities debuted during the Draft.


  • 10 Teams (pending sufficient level of applications)
  • Team size: 5 players + 1 reserve
  • 5v5 Tier X
  • Brothers in Arms tanks only (excluding EBR and Reward Vehicles)
  • Four rounds (Attack/Defense) in an hour period, 10-minute battle duration with intervals
  • Played the Friday of each week from 6PM till 11PM UTC+10
  • Win = 3 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points.

Application and Trials

Applications open today and close on the 25th of August at 11:59PM UTC+10. You will apply on an individual basis representing your State, Territory or Island. Once applications have closed you will be graded based on your performance in one-versus-one games held on the 28th of August from 6PM UTC+10.

The top three from each area will be picked to represent their respective region. The remaining three members per team will be picked in the Premier League Draft held on the 1st of September (time TBC).

PLEASE NOTE: Players will be subject to vetting based on their history of conduct.

ANZ Premier League Draft

The Draft will follow a similar theme to your traditional Draft (think NBA). Players who don’t initially make a team will be graded based on their WTR rating over the past year at Tier X, with the top 30 being placed in the Premier League Draft, available to be picked to fill out the remaining three slots on any team, regardless of their respective home state, territory or island.

After the initial three players on each team are picked, each team will be weighted on combined WTR, with the higher teams receiving a lower pick in the Draft, and the lower teams receiving higher picks in the Draft.

Each team will then have their draft selection seeded in three rounds of ten. Each team will select a Captain before the Draft and have ample opportunity to scout the available 30 players for selection.

The Draft will then be held and hosted on the WorldofTanksANZ Twitch Channel by Vondle and JayRated on September 1st, kicking the Premier League off. Each team will submit their draft picks, and over the course of the night will fill the teams out with their remaining players for the official roster.

The Season

The season rolls out on Friday the 11th of September, broadcast every Friday night from 6PM till 11PM UTC+10 for 9 weeks on the WorldofTanksANZ Twitch Channel. It will go hand in hand with our Tanks.TV offerings each week, with shows happening every night through Monday-Friday from 6PM UTC+10.

Nine weeks of fierce competition will bring us to the Playoffs with the semis being held on the 20th of November, and the Grand Final one week later on the 27th of November. Leaderboards will be constantly updated on the Portal, with each week's games and schedule posted weekly both here and across our socials.

But Wait, There’s More...

Because we want to show you how super serious we’re taking this, our good friends at HyperX have agreed to be our debut sponsor right off the bat! They’ll be providing all Premier League finalists with an accessories pack, along with giveaways each and every week of the season for you the viewer!

On top of that, to make sure you at home get the maximum #esports experience, we’re partnering with our other good friends at FortressMelbourne (we have lots of friends, okay?) to help us make this the biggest and best thing it can possibly be.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you more and more and more details about the Premier League. For now, spread the word with the #ANZPL hashtag, get involved if you think you have what it takes, and get ready for the greatest competitive Tanks league in ANZ!