Art of Strategy: FAQ


The Art of Strategy event has begun and soon, you'll be able to pit your skills as a Strategist against 7 other Tankers in 1 vs 7 battles! You can read the event guide here, or play the tutorial in-game to get a comprehensive rundown of the event.

But before you jump in, let's shed some light on how the AI squad under the Strategist's command work. We'll also clarify several details and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Do Tanks Dream of Electric Sheep?

Each of the seven vehicles in your squad is a full-fledged AI-controlled combat unit. Watching the battle from a strategic view and assessing the combat situation, you can give them commands to move, attack, withdraw, defend, etc. While the basics of these orders are clear, here’s some extra info on how exactly the vehicles execute those orders.

Move — you right-click on the ground, the vehicle goes there. Simple, right? Wait, there’s a lot more complexity to that.

While moving to the designated position, the vehicle will try to follow a path that has cover protecting it from enemy fire. Moreover, it will stop to shoot if there is a target available:

  • if the vehicle is undetected and can penetrate the target's armor;
  • if the target can be destroyed with 1-2 shots and the shot can penetrate its armor;
  • if the vehicle can inflict more damage than it will receive within the next 5 seconds.

The vehicle will shoot on the move if the chance to hit the selected target exceeds 75%.

If you double-click on a location and issue a Rush command, the vehicle will follow the shortest path to the location, ignore enemy fire, and will shoot on the move.

In any case, once it arrives, the vehicle will search for cover within 25 meters of the specified location — preferably from which it can engage visible targets while being protected from their return fire. If undetected, the vehicle will try to hide behind vegetation. So don’t be puzzled if you see your vehicle repositioning a bit after it arrives at the designated location – it's simply searching for an optimal spot.

Your vehicles will always check whether they can engage enemy targets and which ones to attack to the best effect. When doing so, they analyze a great range of parameters such as:

  • Distance to target — the closer the better;
  • Exposure — whether the target has any exposed weak points;
  • Hit chance — how likely it is that the shot will connect;
  • Penetration chance — how likely it is that the shot will penetrate;
  • Enemy remaining HP — low-HP targets are prioritized;
  • Base capture — targets capturing the base are prioritized;
  • Auto-loaders — all other factors being equal, your vehicles will try to eliminate targets with autoloaders first;
  • Many other factors.

When you manually issue an Attack command, the vehicle will only fire at the designated target. It will fire immediately if it has a clear line of fire and the gun is loaded. Then it will search for cover where it is best protected from all visible targets while still able to engage them. If undetected, it will try to hide behind concealment; otherwise it will only look for cover, prioritizing ones that it can reach without losing more than 5% of its HP.

The vehicle may leave cover to make a shot if it will remain undetected, deal more damage than it will receive in return, or if it won’t lose more than 5% of its HP.

If the enemy is within 80 meters from your vehicle, your vehicle may attempt to circle around the target, and will definitely do so if you issue the Charge order by double-clicking an enemy vehicle.

In this case, the vehicle will close in on the target and circle around it if it has an advantage in movement speed, enabling it to outpace the rotation of the target’s turret. It will shoot the target’s tracks if they are still intact or if it cannot penetrate the target’s armor, and will attempt to stay behind the target’s gun. Your vehicle may even attempt a ramming attack if it has a weight advantage over the target and isn’t too low on HP.

There’s actually a lot more about how AI-controlled vehicles make decisions, but why read about it all when you can learn in battle? See you out on the field, Strategists!

About the Art of Strategy Game Mode

How long will Art of Strategy be available?

Art of Strategy will be available from the 21st April 2022, 18:00 UTC +8 until 5th May 2022, 00:00 UTC+8. 1v7 battles will only start from 25th April 2022, 14:00 UTC +8.

The mode will be removed entirely from the game on 5th May 2022, 17:00 UTC+8.

Am I able to play the event the whole day?

No, Art of Strategy is only available for certain hours in the day, called prime time. Check out prime times here:

  • 1st day of the event (21st April 2022):

    HK Server: 18:00–00:00 (UTC+8)

    ANZ Server: 20:00–02:00 (UTC+10)
  • 2nd day until end of the event:

    HK Server: 14:00–00:00 (UTC+8)
    ANZ Server: 16:00–02:00 (UTC+10)

The last day of prime time ends on 4th May 2022, at 23:59 UTC+8.

What modes are available during the event?

The event will be available in two different modes:

  • 1v1 - Strategist vs Strategist (Available from event start)
  • 1v7 - Strategist vs Tankers (Available from 25th April 2022, 14:00 UTC +8)

How do I win battles?

Like random battles, you will need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture their base. Destroying the defense structures is not compulsory but sometimes makes it easier to achieve victory.

Base capture takes 60 seconds and does not depend on the number of vehicles capturing the base.

What is required in order to play in the event?

To play in the event, you will need the following:

  • 1v1 Strategist - 100 Orders (event currency) is required to play per battle.  
  • 1v7 Strategist - 100 Intel (event currency) is required to play per battle.        

    If the queue time to enter battle is too long, or if the number of Strategists is insufficient, the matchmaker may allow you to play as a Strategist, even if you do not have the required quantity of Intel and Orders. 

  • 1v7 Tankers - Any Tier X tech tree or collectors tanks except the following vehicles:

NOTE: Strategists have their own separate load out. All Strategist vehicles will be available for use regardless of availability and current condition of similar tank(s) in your garage. You are able to check the load out when setting up your squad in the Squad panel. 

Are there any limitations when selecting vehicles for Strategist?

When editing the squad as a Strategist, every slot in the squad is limited to a certain vehicle type. Additionally, having two identical vehicles in your squad is not allowed.

These seven vehicles will be controlled by AI, but you can assume control of any selected vehicle at any time during battle by pressing the "Q" button.

NOTE: Please note that assuming control of a vehicle stops all orders given to that vehicle. Press Q again to stop controlling the vehicle. 

What are the differences between each AI stance?

There are three stances to choose from in the Squad Panel:

  • Adapt (default Stance for all the Strategist's vehicles). Vehicles will seek cover within a certain radius of the designated position and will defend the area by firing at attacking opponents. 
  • Recon. Vehicles seek cover and transmit scouting data to their allies, trying to stay concealed. When spotted, the vehicles will try to withdraw to cover. If no cover can be found, they will engage the opponent. 
  • Hold. Vehicles hold the designated position and engage targets when possible. Vehicles will change their positions only after receiving a command to attack. 
    • Note: When executing this Stance, vehicles with a limited horizontal gun or turret arc (e.g., the Badger, K-91, etc.) will seek targets and rotate their hull to cover a 90° sector of fire set by the Strategist. 

What are the controls and shortcut keys to command my vehicles as a Strategist?

  • Move - Right-click on a location.
    • You can hold the right mouse button and slide the mouse to rotate the vehicle's position.
  • Rush - Right-click twice on a location.
    • The vehicle will move to a specified point via the shortest path possible. It will fire on the move, but it won't stop to fire. Once in position, it will act according to its Stance.
  • Attack - Right-click on an enemy vehicle.
    • The vehicle opens fire at a selected target if able.
  • Charge - Right-click twice on an enemy vehicle.
    • The vehicle will try to get as close as possible to a selected target and engage it in close combat, flanking to attack it from the side or rear.
  • Withdraw - Press F, then specify location with a right-click.
    • The vehicle will withdraw along the shortest path to a specified point, keeping its frontal armor facing the enemy. Once in position, it will act according to its Stance.
  • Change to Hold Stance - R keyboard button.
  • Change to Recon Stance - T keyboard button.
  • To give several commands - Hold the Shift button while giving commands to your vehicle.
  • Cancel all command for the selected vehicle - Spacebar.

What time do the daily missions for Art of Strategy reset?

Missions reset at 00:00 UTC +8.

Why can’t I add a certain vehicle into my squad?

The following vehicles are unavailable due to their mechanics that add an extra level of complexity to AI configuration:

We believe that the game has more than enough amazing vehicles for you to fully realize your strategic potential even without those vehicles. As for the vehicles earned from Personal Missions, clan activities etc., it’s simple — we decided to only allow vehicles available to everyone to make the event completely fair.

What kind of perks do reward crews have?

All crews come with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk and enough crew XP to immediately learn another perk or skill of the player’s choice.

I found the Singapore server in the server list, but why can't I select it?

The Singapore server has been removed. While it still appears on the client list, it shouldn't be selectable.

Can I get Battle Pass Points by playing Art of Strategy?

You cannot get Battle Pass Points through Art of Strategy, but you can get still get credits and customizations by completing the Art of Strategy collection.

Can I play Tankers with my friends in platoon?

No, you can only enter the matchmaking alone.

Can I play Art of Strategy in the Training Room mode?

No, it is not supported in the Training Room.

Will the five reward crew members be bound to a specific nation or role? Or will they be completely free to use in any way the players want?

They are bound to specific nations (U.S.S.R., U.S.A., U.K.) and their role is commander.

Here is a list of currently known bugs in the Art of Strategy event. If you encounter other bugs in the event than the ones listed below, do send a ticket to us.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please head over to our official Discord channel where our Community team will be happy to assist.

Roll Out!