ANZBL Season 3 Draft!

13bladez Flaming_ The_Mendicant_Bias
ad10540 The_Forsaken_Army MerArielGiggles
b0tt Gidagit Rippon
Buff_Hamster Gregori190 scott_hanaray
chegar Guns0Tron Snozzle
Darkknight_lol KillerJuliett StiFe_Fil
DG_ToasteD Kiwi_Nightmare T_RAK
Emperor_Marcus_Aurelis Mantank12345 Taney_Local

The Teams

Alongside the existing teams of the Cairns Comet, Hawthorn Hellcats, Canberra Centurions, and Wollongong Wolverines, there will be two new teams that will be revealed during this stream!

The only hints we'll give is that one is from Queensland and the other from New Zealand - take your best guess on what these teams will be called! 

Any more surprises, WeeGee?

Absolutely, we'll have some more surprises coming this Thursday - but you have to be there to hear it in person.

Once again - March the 31st, Thursday, 6:30PM AEDT - live just after the usual Thursday stream!

Watch here