Arcade Cabinet: Railgun


Arcade Cabinet is in full swing with the launch of Railgun! 

Drop in and get some cross-map action going on! With aiming time, gun dispersion, engine power, and other characteristics of every vehicle immediately improved by 50–100%, everything's a railgun! 

Moreover, proximity spotting distance will increase to 445 meters. Your opponents will be in plain sight, meaning that all you’ll have to do is track them down and fire from afar!

Arcade Cabinet: Railgun

From March 24 at 12:59 (UTC+8) through March 27 at 03:59 (UTC+8)

Battle Modifiers



Gun dispersion at 100 m is reduced by 70%.



Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 100%.



Steady Aim

Dispersion during movement and on hull and turret traverse is decreased by 50%.



Clear as Day

Proximity spotting range is increased to 445 meters.



Robotic Gun Laying Drive

Aiming time is decreased by 50%.



Battles With Special Rules

Battle Rules

  • Battles are played in the 15v15 format under Random Battles rules in Tier VIII and X vehicles.
  • Platoons are allowed.
  • Mission: Capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles.
  • Battles do not count towards your statistics.

Battle Economy

  • In this mode, you will receive credits and experience for each battle. Spending rates remain the same. Bonds and Battle Pass Points cannot be earned.




Sand River




El Halluf