Arcade Cabinet Is Back With Two Familiar Modes

Greetings, Commanders!

Arcade Cabinet is back, offering two tried and tested game modes: Element of Surprise and Railgun. Each will be live for one weekend, followed by a third weekend when both will be available at the same time.

Element of Surprise will increase the randomness of every shot, adding more unpredictability and excitement to your gameplay. In Railgun, you'll experience a significant boost in gun precision, spotting capability, and mobility for your vehicle, making battles more thrilling and fast-paced.

Players will also have the opportunity to earn up to 1,200 while Arcade Cabinet is live. So, get ready for a wild ride and mark your calendars for the upcoming weekends!


How to Find Arcade Cabinet

Select Arcade Cabinet from the menu to the right of the “Battle!” button in your Garage. When hovering over the mode button, you’ll see a description of the combat modifiers to be applied in battle. Prepare for something completely different!

Element of Surprise

 From March 17 at 12:59 UTC+8 through March 20 at 03:59 UTC+8

From March 31 at 12:59 UTC+8 through April 3 at 03:59 UTC+8

The damage spread in the standard rules of World of Tanks is a modest ±25%, which is certainly enough to stir up some powerful emotions. But what if we crank it up (or down) a bit? In Element of Surprise, the damage spread is ±75%, and there’s a much bigger chance of extremely low or extremely high damage values. Prepare for a ride on a swinging rollercoaster with some insane loops! (We are speaking figuratively here, of course.)

Battle Modifiers

Glass Uranium Core

The damage spread is +⁠/⁠–75% of the standard value, and the probability of extreme values is increased.


Reload time is decreased by 25%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 50%.


  • Steppes
  • Abbey
  • Ensk
  • Pearl River
  • Murovanka
  • Mines
  • Highway


 From March 24 at 12:59 UTC+8 through March 27 at 03:59 UTC+8

 From March 31 at 12:59 UTC+8 through April 3 at 03:59 UTC+8


This mode lives up to its name, and makes you feel like you’ve landed in a sci-fi novel! The vehicles all keep their looks, but their guns become super-precise, with extremely low dispersion and fast aiming. Dispersion from vehicle movement and traverse is halved, so almost all shots get “snappy.” The proximity spotting distance goes up to 445 meters, meaning enemies won't be able to hide from you (or you from them). With a solid chance of hitting any opponent in plain sight, your tactical options become fantastic!

Battle Modifiers

Marksman Gun

Gun dispersion at 100 m is reduced by 70%.

Multiplane Stabilizer

Gun dispersion during movement is decreased by 50%.

Hull Balancers

Gun dispersion on hull traverse is decreased by 50%.

Turret Balancers

Dispersion on turret traverse is decreased by 50%.

Robotic Gun Laying Drive

Aiming time is decreased by 50%.

Fuel Additives

Engine power is increased by 100%.

Clear as Day

Proximity spotting range is increased to 445 meters.



  • Malinovka
  • Sand River
  • Mines
  • Paris
  • Tundra
  • El Halluf
  • Karelia

The Rules

Although Element of Surprise and Railgun have different battle modifiers, their key rules are the same:

  • Battles are single-tiered and fought in either Tier VIII or Tier X vehicles.
  • You’ll receive XP and credits for battles, and you can use all types of regular reserves (both Personal and Clan).
  • XP multipliers for the first victory of the day work in the modes, and credits are put into the vault.
  • Element of Surprise and Railgun battles do not contribute to daily missions or Personal Missions, but they do count towards the mode progression.
  • Element of Surprise and Railgun battles do not give you bonds, except for the event progression rewards—see below.
  • You may play in Platoons if you wish (you’ll be eligible for the bonuses if you do).

The Rewards

While each of the modes is active, you can complete a short chain of battle missions and earn some bonds (up to 1,200 in total).

Battle Mission  Conditions Reward
Step I Win two battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time 100
Step II* Win three battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time 100
Step III* Win five battles and be among the top 12 on your team by base XP earned each time


You have to complete the previous mission to unlock this one.

Enjoy these two Arcade Cabinet modes, Commanders!