New Customizations for Tour of Duty


It's time to expand the pool of rewards available for those who work hard to contribute to their clan's success!

Introduced in October 2020, the recurring clan activity Tour of Duty enables players to earn rewards for both themselves and their clan by completing special missions in different game modes and at all levels of engagement. Event progress is reset every two weeks for a new chance to obtain more prizes.

With this update, you'll continue to earn lots of Industrial Resources, Personal Reserves, and now, an even bigger variety of exclusive clan inscriptions and projection decals. Check out the full range of available customizations below!

  • New Reward Additions
  • Current Customizations

What You Need to Know

  • Prizes for Personal Progression are randomly distributed. Therefore, you might not immediately receive one of the new customizations as a reward.
  • You will receive two identical but mirrored parts of each “face/eye” decal that can be applied to the right or left side of a tank.
  • Camouflage rewards are now given out in packs of three to color all parts of one tank.

Join the Tour of Duty, contribute to your personal and clan progress, and earn great rewards as a team!

How Can I Start Playing?

Open the Clans tab in your Garage to access the Clan Dashboard. There you will find a block dedicated to the Tour of Duty activity where your current mission conditions and the upcoming rewards will be displayed. By clicking on it, you’ll get more detailed info about your Personal Contribution, Tour of Duty Progression, and other necessary information.

Check out the guide below for more information on how to participate in Tour of Duty missions and earn more rewards!

What's Next?

We will be holding our next regular Global Map Event in the second half of July. Lots of rewards and many action-packed battles await, so stay tuned for more details!

Roll Out!