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Update 9.9 Rolls out on 16th July!

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Tank Commanders!

Update 9.9 is set to roll out this week! With a new but familiar game mode to explore, changes to the Clan Wars Global Map and several new tanks to own and control, this update will have something for both casual player and serious clan warrior alike.

Eager to learn more? Read on for a preview of things to come, or check out the full Update 9.9 patch notes instead!

Server maintenance

Please be informed that there will be server downtime while we make preparations for the release of Update 9.9 on 16th July from 05:00 UTC+8 (15th July, 21:00 UTC). The approximate downtime is 6 hours with a shorter downtime expected for the portal services.

During this maintenance, the following will be unavailable due to the update:

  • WOT Asia Server
  • Login services for:
    • Portal
    • Support Site
    • Giftshop

Note: All players, who had paid content (premium account etc.) by the start of release, will be compensated with additional 24 hours use term of that content.

New Event Game Mode: Steel Hunt

 Loved the 'Domination' game mode event and want more of it? We've brought it back in Update 9.9 with some tweaks and a new name: Steel Hunt.

If you've previously participated in the Common Test, you'll know that Steel Hunt allows solo players and platoons to play on the same map, with different objectives. With up to 5 different vehicles provided free for exclusive use in this game mode, you're all set to deploy in a Steel Hunt battle as soon as you log in!

Want more information? Click here to read the first published Steel Hunt announcement.

New Vehicles

At least two new vehicles will see the light of day with the release of Update 9.9:

  • Tier VII German LT Spähpanzer SP I.C. (Regular vehicle, will replace German Tier VII LT Aufklärungspanzer Panther)
  • Tier VI Japanese HT No. VI (Tiger I) (Premium Shop only, new)

More vehicles with HD quality textures

Expect to see the following tanks in mindblowing HD visuals the next time you open up World of Tanks after installing Update 9.9:

  • Type 62
  • AMX 50 100
  • FCM 50 t
  • Churchill VII
  • Caernarvon
  • Conqueror
  • Panther/M10
  • VK 36.01 (H)
  • M6A2E1
  • T23E3
  • M46 Patton
  • T110E3
  • T110E4
  • Т-62А

Global Map Battle Statistics changes

It will soon be possible to assess the effectiveness of players in separate battles on the Global Map.

  • Battles on the Global map won’t be counted in the overall account statistics with random battles and companies.
    • There will be summary statistics and separate statistics available for Tier VI, VIII and X tank battles.
  • In the game client there will be separate statistics tab for Battles on Global map, similar to other modes.
  • The results of all battles on the Global Map after the release of Update 9.9 will be displayed in a new tab.
  • All battles that were carried out on the Global Map before Update 9.9 will be moved to the new tab according to following conditions:
    • Battles on Tier IX and X vehicles will be stored in the 'Tier X' section
    • Battles on Tier VII and VIII vehicles will be stored in the 'Tier VIII' section
    • Battles on Tier VI and lower will be stored in the 'Tier VI' section


  • Earlier battles will not be removed from general statistics in order to avoid discrepancies in player profile before and after the changes.

  • Data migration of battle results will take several days, during which some players’ statistics may be displayed incorrectly.

  • Eligible battles before Update 9.9 will be moved, with the oldest records starting from May 2012. Battles played before this time will be disregarded in the new tab.

Crew (Re)training Costs discount special

With a stable of new vehicles arriving in Update 9.9, it's understandable that many tank commanders like you will be pondering a re-organisation of sorts for their tank crews.

To make the transition faster and easier on your credit wallet, we'll be installing a brief discount for all crew retraining costs. This will only last until 18th July, so don't miss out!


Update 9.9 Crew (Re)training Discount

Note: These discounts are only valid until 18 July.

50% off for the following:

  • Crew (Re)training costs


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