WGL Portal Guide

Create Your Team

Now everybody can create their own team of extraordinary tank commanders!

Here's how:

  1. Log in and go to the “Teams” section in the main page or “My team” in your personal space and click “Create a team!”.
  2. Add info about your team to recruit new team members.
  3. Add a social network for communication and to share experiences with other players.
  4. Don’t forget to save your team.

Congratulations! Now, you are the captain of your own team! For now, you can own only one team. Gain experience, and who knows how far your team may go?

Add team members

After creating your team, you can staff it with the best players! This is a privilege for captains only.

To join your team, players need to enter a unique code that you create in your personal space.

For this, log in, go to your personal space and do the following:

  1. Go to“My team”.
  2. To the right, there is a “Lineup” column and “Create Code” button. Click the button.
  3. Copy the code and send it to players to invite or accept them to your team.
  4. This code will be valid until you create a new one. For this, just click “Create New Code”.

Note: The code consists of 8 characters and numbers that are case sensitve.

You can also leave the field blank to let anyone join the team freely.


Join a Team

Don't like the idea of running a team as captain? Join an existing team!

Just log in and do the following:

  1. Choose a team from the list or search in the “Teams” section.
  2. Click “Join the Team”to the left.
  3. Confirm your decision, and wait for the action:
    • If the entrance to the team is free, you will be accepted at once.
    • If the captain restricted the entrance to the team by a special code, you will have to specify it. To get the code, contact the captain.

All the best with your new team!


Join a Tournament

Participate in Wargaming Tournaments! 

As a captain of a team, you may decide if your team is going to participate in a tournament. Tournaments give you game experience.

To sign up for a tournament, log in and do the following:

  1. Choose a League and tournament.
  2. If the tournament has an active open registration, you’ll see “Participate!” link. Click it!
  3. If your team matches the requirements, the request will be sent for approval.
  4. Cross your fingers now and wait for the answer!


Only captains see this link and only if the tournament is active and has open registration.

Note: Your request will be reviewed by a moderator. This may take a while, so it is highly encouraged to practice on your tournament tanks in the meantime.

Please remember that after entering the tournament, you can’t add new team members. However, it is possible to dismiss existing members.

Good luck!