Orientation Guide Hub

Your Friendly Beginner's Guide to World of Tanks

Good to see you, tank commander! If you're seeing this, it means you were accepted as part of the Orientation Guide Pilot Programme and shown the Guide at least once in-game. We hope that the information that it contains will help improve your combat skills in the battles to come.

Helpful Links

  • Lesson Plan - Eager to know what's coming your way next? Check this page to find out which Orientation Guide topics will show up for you in-game, and when.
  • Orientation Guide Missions - We've designed several missions with objectives related to the topics that you'll be shown. Complete them for various useful rewards, including the rare V M4 Improved   tank.
  • Tank Academy - This page contains an archive of every essential bit of info you'll need to get up to speed and go toe-to-toe with your opponents as soon as possible.