Get British Stamps from Roll, Britannia! Twitch Drops, Plus Free Wallpapers!


The Roll Britannia! event is going strong! Among the fantastic rewards for completing missions are "British Stamps", an in-game currency players can trade for valuable items in a special in-game store. Use stamps to purchase British-themed items like 2D and 3D styles, consumables, decals, and more! You can get additional stamps in Roll, Britannia! bundles and via Twitch Drops.

We've also got free souvenirs from the event: Wallpapers to proudly display on your desktop or mobile device!

Twitch Drops

 Available from September 22 at 21:00 UTC+8 through September 25 at 21:00 UTC+8

Don't miss your chance to earn bonus "British Stamps" with Twitch Drops! Tune in to Drop-enabled streams, watch for 4 hours (240 minutes), and 10 "British Stamps" are yours!


Check the Twitch Drops guide to discover the different types of Twitch Drops, how to connect your Twitch and Wargaming accounts, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.


2D and 3D Styles Available for "British Stamps"

Free Wallpapers!

Looking for something more permanent from the event? Check out our selection of free artwork you can use as desktop wallpapers. We have three pieces to choose from—Roll, Britannia!, British Tech Tree wheeled mediums, and the GSOR 1010 FB. Go nuts and download as many as you like! Click on any of the sizes below:

Roll, Britannia!

British Tech Tree Vehicles

GSOR 1010 FB

Collect "British Stamps" in the Roll, Britannia! event, visit the special in-game store, and trade them for valuable items! Check the following link for complete details:


Roll Out!