Fan Pages

World of Tanks is a replay hosting website where everyone with a NA, EU, RU or Asia account can upload their replays; after uploading, you will be able to view detailed statistics on your match, from damage done to credits earned. Additionally you can relive your match by using the Battle Viewer which will replay the entire battle on a nearly full screen minimap. The quick and easy way to share your replays.



Fan Site Requirements

General Requirements

  • The advertising of game projects, not related to, should be agreed with Administration
  • The website should have the Technical Support banner of World of Tanks
  • The website should have the banner heading to World of Tanks official website


  • All content published on the web source should be posted by administration of the website
  • Nazi, terroristic, extremistic content is strictly prohibited (including screensavers, wallpapers and textures with SS markings and recognition badges of SS tank divisions)
  • When a piece of news is repeated from World of Tanks official website, it must possess the link to the source document


  • Restricted programs, including their description and ways of downloading, are strictly prohibited (bot-programs, clickers, viruses, trojans, fishing programs)
  • Links to content to be downloaded must be permanent and cannot lead to referal websites
  • If the website requires account registration, then the registration rules must require use of username and password different from those on the World of Tanks website

Possible Web Source Activities

  • A communication site for players
  • A web source carrying information about World of Tanks game project and military vehicles
  • A site possessing extra game content.
  • A site for World of Tanks-dedicated blogs
  • A site for gameplay streaming