Economics Changes in 7.5

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Changes to the in-game economy started with the v. 0.7.2 update and will be continued in the v. 0.7.5 update.

First of all, some of the Tier 2-4 vehicles will get an increase to their profitability. The speed of leveling through these tiers doesn't match the new concept. Players were able to earn the amount of experience necessary to research new vehicles quite fast, but they had a problem getting enough credits, so they had to farm credits over a much longer period of time. This trouble has been resolved by increasing profitability and decreasing repair costs.

Some of the US Tier 6-7 medium tanks are much better situated when compared with their counterparts from other nations.  For example, the Sherman Jumbo and M4A3E8 Sherman have a very low repair cost and a fairly high profit potential.  This allows them to often finish matches with a greater net gain of credits than VK 3601.  We wanted to correct this imbalance. M26 Pershing players should be delighted to learn that their repair costs are being significantly reduced.

The second branch of US Tier 5-8 Tank Destroyers, introduced with the v. 0.7.2 update, are more profitable than was originally intended. This is mostly due to the exceptional combat characteristics of these vehicles.  This branch earns significantly more credits when compared to the original branch (ending in the T95). This imbalance will be fixed in the v. 0.7.5 update.

The economic model of German vehicles of Tier 7-8 will be changed as well. Players who have Jagdpanther and VK3002 (DB) will be happy to hear that we're decreasing their repair costs. At the same time, the Tiger (P) will get the same profit potential rate as the other representatives of “Tiger” family made by Henschel. Also, we have good news for those who have a Löwe in the Garage, we're increasing the profit potential and reducing the repair costs.

The M6A2E1 is also due for a credit increase and repair cost reduction.

The profit potential for the Jagdtiger and Object 704 tank destroyers will be slightly lessened. They will earn slightly less credits so that their earnings are more in line with the other tier 9 tank destroyers.

In addition to the Object 704 getting an adustment, the KV-3 having been moved in the v. 0.7.3 update to Tier 7, turned out to have too high of a repair cost; this will be decreased.  Profitability for the IS-3 is a bit higher compared to the other tier 8 heavies. We'll be adjusting the profit potential for this tank with the v 0.7.5 update as well.

Changes in Profitabliity and Repairs Costs of Vehicles after Update v0.7.5.

All values in green represent income increase and reduction in repair costs.

All values in red represent income reductions and increase in repair costs.

Nation Tank Income change, % Repair cost change, %







AMX 40















Object 704























































VK 3002 DB

PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)