Total battles played

Battles were victorious

Most played Nation

Based on most played tanks of a specific nation

Top 3 battles


The fastest win

The enemies clearly did not expect defeat in so few seconds

Maximum wins in a row

Wow! How you did that?!

Battle style

Type tank
Amount of battles

Medals earned

Epic medals
All medals

Your Lucky Map

Is where the light shines down on you.

Most played researchable tanks

You’r most favorite battle machines!

Most played premium tank


Average XP

That's an average of your random battles!



Hits you made


Vehicles you spoted

How you did that we don’t know but its a good job!

Most destroyed vehicles


Total amount of kills

If we will need to kill someone, we will call you!

Fire kills

Enemy tanks were lit on fire and killed by you

Ramming kills

Enemies tanks were destroyed by ramming thanks to you.

My nemesis

Your deaths

Best Battles By Types


Total distance covered

We will call you a “lumberjack”
This year was epic! Enjoy well-deserved reward for 2023 check out yours
This film has been complied from authentic newsreel, official World of tanks, and captured film. Use has been made of certain motion pictures with historical background.