Update 1.21

Cool events, a redesigned Service Record page, and other improvements—Update 1.21 has it all! Starting June 5, you can experience massive 30v30 battles in Frontline, featuring a new desert map and several balance adjustments. Steel Hunter: Reborn, our blistering battle royale mode, returns on June 12 with simpler rules and a bunch of exciting gameplay changes. We’ve also redesigned the Service Record page and implemented the ability to customize your combat achievements. Enjoy!

Frontline Returns With a New Map!

From June 5 through June 12, Frontline will return to World of Tanks for its first week-long run in 2023! Our most epic mode will feature a fresh 3×3 km map called Fata Morgana with a desert landscape. Located in Northern Africa, Fata Morgana offers a large variety of battle zones, including a massive oil refinery, a rugged canyon, historic castle ruins, and other picturesque areas.
We’ve also improved the Kraftwerk map. It has received a series of balance fixes that will make gameplay more comfortable for both teams.
On top of that, we’ve made several balance improvements to boost your gameplay experience in Frontline. Prepare your favorite Tier VIII vehicles and get ready to earn tons of credits and other in-game rewards!

Steel Hunter: Reborn

Our battle royale mode returns on June 12 and is now more accessible than ever! Steel Hunter: Reborn is a fast-paced interpretation of the familiar format, but its rules are simpler and more straightforward.
In the latest update of Steel Hunter, you now have a chance to jump back into the action with the addition of respawns. This feature allows for more opportunities to try out different strategies and reduce the impact of early mistakes. Steel Hunter has also undergone a rework in vehicle and gameplay balancing, making for a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, players can now face off against Marauders, AI-driven opponents with unique behaviors, adding a new level of excitement to battles. You’ll be able to earn Battle Pass Points throughout the event.
Your objective remains the same: to become the ultimate survivor in this adrenaline-fueled battle royale. Prepare to fight until there's only one tank left standing, and emerge as the victorious champion!

Service Record Page Update

We’ve thoroughly redesigned the Service Record page in the Garage by making it more informative and useful. In addition to the familiar parameters, such as the total number of battles fought, average damage, and win rate, new parameters have been added. You can now see your assistance and damage records, as well as several other stats that you can be proud of.

We’ve also replaced the Personal Rating with WTR as a better representation of players' actual performance. You can now see it on your main statistics page with reworked visuals. It will be divided into 15 mastery levels, each with its own unique style.

We’re also introducing the ability to customize your combat achievements. Now, you and other Commanders will be able to see your most valuable medals and other enviable awards!


Battle Pass Season XI

Season XI of Battle Pass—featuring Collections—is just around the corner, Commanders! The mechanics of the upcoming season are all familiar: You can earn tons of Base Rewards and even more valuable Improved Rewards for good performance in battle.

In Season XI, you can already get enough Battle Pass Tokens to redeem rare Tier IX vehicles, including the BZ-58-2 and the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK.

And surprise! In the middle of the Season, a new temporary Battle Pass Chapter will become available! It will work under the same rules as the temporary Chapter of Season VII. Stay tuned—we’ll share more details shortly before the start of the Season!

Update 1.21

WoT Premium Account

Players with WoT Premium Account will be credited an additional 24 hours of Premium Account time to make up for the update maintenance period. If you’d like to make any in-game purchases, please wait until the servers are running again.

Update 1.21


World of Tanks servers will be down on May 30 from 02:00 to 08:00 UTC+8.

Good luck on the battlefield, Commanders!
Get ready to engage in massive 30v30 battles in Frontline, survive at all costs in Steel Hunter: Reborn, and show off your favorite achievements on the reworked Service Record page!
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