closed_registration - [Invitational] Silver Cup second tournament
Tournament status: Finished Finished

[closed_registration] [Invitational] Silver Cup second tournament

Tournament status:

Finished Finished
A great performance in Rolling Steel will net you an invite to the Silver Cup, so if you’re lucky enough to receive a call to arms you will be made Captain of the team, so make sure you have some surefire winners around you when you’re scouting potential teammates.


  • 38 Confirmed teams
  • SE + RR Tournament bracket
  • Main prize - an invitation to participate in the Final of the Gold Cup tournament. Prize pool
  • HK Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 2 + 2 substitutes
  • Battle mode football
  • Vehicle tier I - X
  • Allowed total tier 30
  • Additional information Registration closes 07/21 at 20:00 (UTC+8). All operations with the team and team composition will not be available after the specified time.

Confirmed teams

Team Game server Registration option
(Team unconfirmed)


  • How to Participate
  • Tournament Description
  • Group Stage Description
  • Play-offs Description
  • Match Rules Description
  • Technical Issues and Refunding
  • Rewards
  • Tournament discussion
How to Participate

How to Participate

Tournaments will be held on 07.07.2018 and 22.07.2018.

All players who reach the top 200 places in the Rolling Steel event are invited to take part in the Silver Cup and will become a team captain.

Invitations will be sent on a weekly basis (after each stage of the Rolling Steel event) via in-game notification and an email to the player.

If a player places in the top 200 in several leaderboards/stages, the player will receive only one invitation to participate.

A captain should complete and confirm the team, i.e. recruit 2 more players, to participate in the tournament. One reserve player per team is allowed.

Teams consisting of 2 or more players are allowed to participate in the tournament only if one or two of the team members were excluded after checking for forbidden modifications before compiling the group stage schedule.

A captain can also dismiss his team to join another.

Semi-finalists (players from the 4 teams) from the first Silver Cup tournament will not be able to participate in the Silver Cup a second time.

If a team has violated the Silver Cup regulations, it will be disqualified, and its slot for participation in the Silver Cup tournament will be handed over to another team.

Tournament Description

Tournament Description

Matches take place in football mode only.

The E 100 SPORT, T-62A SPORT, AMX 13 105 SPORT vehicles and a Garage slot will be added to players' accounts. Players of the team can choose any football vehicle roles without restrictions. The crew will comprise only one member.

Tournaments is held bi-weekly (fortnightly) after two stages of the Rolling Steel event.

Each tournament consists of two stages: Group stages and Play-offs.

The Silver Cup tournament is held on SG server.

The tournament manager reserves the right to change servers. Players will be notified of this on the official forum.

Players must comply with the User Agreement and Game Rules.

Special characters and repeating punctuation characters are not allowed in the team names. Team names that violate the Game Rules and EULA will be renamed manually by tournament manager.

The tournament manager reserves the right to change the quantity or rules of a Silver Cup. Players will be notified about it on the game forum.

Group Stage Description

Group Stage Description

Group stage matches will be stage robin: each team plays against each other in the group.

There can be up to four teams in each group. The groups are assembled according to the principle of even distribution to provide fair conditions for all teams.

The leaderboard of teams in the groups is formed according to the total amount of points earned across all matches:

  • Three points for Victory,
  • No points for Defeat.

First and second places in each group advance to the Play-offs.

If two or more teams have the same number of points, their positions on the leaderboard will be determined in the following way:

  • Considering the head-to-head result;
  • The biggest number of victories in all matches.

If all sorting indicators are equal, all teams that are tied advance to the Play-offs.

Play-offs Description

Play-offs Description

Play-off matches will be knock-out: a team that loses a match leaves the tournament.

Play-off matches are played up to the finals.

In the Play-offs, the tournament manager reserves the right to replay a match in case of dispute. The map for the match is determined by the tournament manager.

Match Rules Description

Match Rules Description

Matches are 7 minutes or less if 3 goals are scored by either team.

In case of a draw, a 4 minutes overtime starts, the first scored goal or advantage in the battle determines the winner.

An advantage in the battle is measured in control points that are earned by the team that possesses the ball on the opponent's half: the team that first earns 100 control points wins.

The interval between the matches within the group stage is 6 minutes.

The interval between the matches within the Play-offs is 6 minutes.

The initial spawn points are determined randomly by the automatic tournament system.

To join a battle, players should transfer themselves to the regular team (right section in the special battle window) and confirm readiness.

Inability to fulfil described conditions will result in a technical defeat.

If an incomplete team enters the battle room and remains incomplete until the end of the countdown, the battle starts as is.

Teams that break the rules will get a technical defeat.

All contradictory situations will be resolved by the match referee. The referee must inform the teams about the decisions on such situations on the game forum.

Technical Issues and Refunding

Technical Issues and Refunding

In case of technical failure during a match, the entire match will be played anew, irrespective of already played battles.

Technical failures are cases when the battle results have not been received by the tournament page, new teams have not been created, or a server crash has occurred. The manager determines the time of match replay and notifies players about it on the game forum.

A refund is credited to tournament participants in case of severe technical issues of the servers or tournament structure when the tournament cannot be continued or replayed.

Each situation is examined individually, refunding will be provided in cases when the tournament cannot be continued or replayed, or when such actions will extend the tournament duration extremely.

Refunds will be a Personal Reserve: +50% Credits for 2 hours.



See full list of rewards here

Tournament discussion

Tournament discussion


Tournament winners

Team Team Captain Captain Game server Game server Registration option Registration option


Place Reward
1st place T-Shirt with Gianluigi Buffon's signature, 30d Premium Account, 2500 Bonds, 40 Boosters, 160 Directives
2nd place 14d Premium Account, 2000 Bonds, 40 Boosters, 160 Directives
3rd-4th place 14d Premium Account, 1500 Bonds, 40 Boosters, 80 Directives
5th-8th place 7d Premium Account, 1200 Bonds, 40 Boosters, 80 Directives
9th-16th place 7d Premium Account, 1000 Bonds, 20 Boosters, 60 Directives
17th-32nd place 3d Premium Account, 700 Bonds, 20 Boosters, 40 Directives
33rd-64th place 3d Premium Account, 500 Bonds, 12 Boosters, 40 Directives
65th-128th place 1d Premium Account, 300 Bonds, 8 Boosters, 20 Directives

Tournament brackets

Too many teams to create a bracket: /64

There is no information regarding this stage.

Too many teams to create a bracket: /32

There is no information regarding this stage.


If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.

If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.

If you are registered for a tournament, log in to check the match schedule.