World of Tanks will be at two tank events in June 2023:
Aquino Tank Weekend in Canada and Tankfest in the U.K.!

Join us on Twitch and don't miss out on the new Token Store, our biggest mystery drops yet, missions, discounts, brand-new offers during both events, and a FREE guaranteed Premium tank just for watching!

Stay tuned to this page for updates as we approach each one.


The greatest historical military show in Canada, organized by the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa. The biggest reenactment—the Battle of Aquino—is dedicated to the battle near the Italian town of the same name where the Canadian army distinguished itself in 1944.

To enjoy Aquino Tank Weekend to the fullest, we have prepared Missions, Offers, and a Livestream with Twitch Drops for you!
June 9-12:
Aquino Weekend Missions

A series of special missions that yield random emblems, inscriptions, and decals; complete all three missions and get a special Aquino 2D style.


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June 9-16:
Aquino Weekend Offers

A brand-new 2D style to commemorate Aquino Tank Weekend, discounts on Premium vehicles, special customizations, and more!


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Special Monday Aquino Livestream with Twitch Drops
On June 12, from 00:30 (UTC+8) onwards

While you enjoy the stream, a Road to Tankfest Token, which counts toward a free Premium tank of your choice, will drop after watching for only 1 hour! As the biggest reenactment, you can expect to see spectacular staged clashes of combat vehicles, infantry, and artillery with gunfire and explosions!

Keep watching to receive the Aquino Mystery Drop, which could grant you an additional Premium vehicle like the hard-hitting Italian tank destroyer SMV CC-64 Vipera, 3D styles, and much more!


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The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K., the world’s best display of historic moving armor, welcomes you to Tankfest Weekend 2023! The Tank Museum is a collection of armored fighting vehicles which traces the history of the tank!

This explosive weekend comes with Offers, Missions, Discounts and Twitch Drops.

Read on so you know when to mark on your calendar!
June 20-30:
Tankfest Weekend Offers

Two brand-new 2D styles to celebrate Tankfest, and discounts on Premium vehicles including a tank that has yet to make an appearance in the Premium Shop.


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June 22-26:
Tankfest Weekend Missions & Discounts

Prepare for the big Sunday livestream with a simple mission rewarding some battle essentials such as Premium consumables and personal reserves.


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June 23 & 24:
Twitch Drops Warm Up

Consider this your appetizer in drop form! Tune in to the official English World of Tanks Twitch channel and earn rewards!

Note: The streams are only available in English.



Special Sunday Tankfest Livestream with Twitch Drops
On June 25, from 20:30 (UTC+8) onwards

Explore together, live!
And receive a Road to Tankfest Token, which counts toward a free Premium tank of your choice after watching for only 1 hour!

During the stream, you will see the stars of the Museum’s collection including cool vehicles from the British Army!

Ensure that you continue watching to not miss our largest Mystery Drop ever! You could potentially claim remarkable Premium vehicles like the Škoda T 56, Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque, or Type 59 G. Additionally, there's a chance to receive 360 days of WoT Premium Account, captivating 3D styles, and much more.


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Besides Our Headliners, Don’t Miss...

June 5-July 10: New Token Store

Watch streams, complete mission drops, and trade your tokens for valuable items in the Token Store including 2D styles, Consumables, WoT Premium Account, and more. Tokens flow throughout the month so don’t miss out!



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June 16-26: New 3D Styles & Discounts

June 16-26:
New 3D Styles for German Legends

Brand-new 3D styles arrive for two of the most popular tanks in the game: "Kampfgruppe Sandsturm" for the Tiger I and "Zweihundertzwölf" for the Panther.


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June 16-26:
German Vehicle Discounts

Get discounts of 30-50% off select vehicles in the German Tech Tree, including the Tiger I and Panther (which just so happen to have brand-new 3D styles).


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Good luck, Commanders!
Keep checking back for updates on our coverage of two awesome tank events!

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Please note: Discounts and offers are subject to change throughout the event.