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WGL Silver Series Week 5: Tournament Recaps

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Tank Commanders,

Two new teams have joined to contest for this week's championship title. They are Team Pratrium from Japan and I.L.M.O.B. - the B team of PVP Super Friends. Will these teams cripple BraveHearts and Immortal_Flappybirds from advancing to the Gold series? How will UAD fare against T-E?

Let's find out in this week's recap.


Round of 4, first matchup: U Are Dead 4:3 I.L.M.O.B.

Round of 4: Match 1

The first match of the round of four is between UAD, the best team in Hong Kong, and I.L.M.O.B., the B team of PVP Super Friends. They got Cliff for their first map. Although UAD attacked in the last 2 minutes, there wasn't enough time to wipe out the enemies, as a result, the first map resulted in a draw. In the second map Ensk, UAD couldn’t execute their attack well enough and let I.L.M.O.B. take the second map leading the match 2:1. But in the following map, Himmelsdorf, UAD took that point back, and both teams were tied to 2:2. Both teams scored another draw in the 4th map, Mines. Although UAD made a bad decision, time ran out before I.L.M.O.B. could find the remaining T1s.

Due to the tie, both teams were required to play in assault mode where the referees added up damage dealt by both teams - the team with the highest damage picked the map and position and whether they would be the defending or offense team. UAD chose to be the defensive team in Karelia. In the tie breaker, UAD put up a defensive position and forced I.L.M.O.B. to attack. I.L.M.O.B. rushed to the capture circle trying to capture the base, but weren’t able to break through UAD’s defence, losing to the kings of Hong Kong 4:3, letting UAD advance to the finals of week 5.

Match 1 Winner

U Are Dead  4:3 I.L.M.O.B


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: Team Pratrium 1:3 T-E

Round of 4: Match 2

In the second match of the round of four, it's the Japanese champion, Team Pratrium, against the best team in the Silver series so far, Team Efficiency. In the first two maps, Ruinberg and Prokhorovka, T-E easily took down T-P. And in the 3rd round, T-P couldn’t break through T-E’s solid defences and the game went to a tie, letting T-E win this matchup 3:1.

Match 2 Winner

Team Pratrium 1:3 T-E



3rd place match: Team Pratrium 1:3 I.L.M.O.B.

3rd Placing

The 3rd place match was played by Team Pratrium and I.L.M.O.B. PVP’s B team took the first map, Mines, but Team Pratrium took the second map, Ensk, instead. From there, I.L.M.O.B claimed the following two maps, Himmelsdorf and Prokhorovka, and defeated Team Pratrium, wining the 3rd place of week 5.

3rd Place Winner

Team Pratrium 1:3 I.L.M.O.B.


1st place match: U Are Dead 1:3 T-E

1st Place

T-E played against their old rival, UAD in the finals. Ensk was their first map. T-E did an excellent assault and captured their opponent’s base. In the second map, Ruinberg, they played into a base trade, and both of the teams captured their opponent’s base, achieving a draw in the second map. UAD tried to attack in the third map, Steppes, but their setup was too light and could not break through T-E's heavy defences. T-E won themselves top spot in another week of the Silver Series 3:1.

1st Place Winner

U Are Dead 1:3 T-E


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