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WGL Silver Series Week 4: Tournament Recaps

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Tank Commanders,

Week 4 of WGL APAC-Asia has concluded! This week sees our 8th team advancing to the Silver Series, putting Brave Hearts (who are ranked last) into a dangerous position; if they don't make it to the Silver Series again, they might not be able to advance to the Gold Series.

Meanwhile, the Immortals were unable to advance to the Silver Series as well, having been eliminated by yoe Flash Wolves 3:1 in the final round of the Bronze Series. On the other hand, Team Efficiency is still a Silver Series regular. Find out more in this week's recap!


Round of 4, first matchup: yoe Flash Wolves 3:2 T-E

Round of 4: Match 1

The first matchup of the Round of 4 sees yoe Flash Wolves versus T-E. The Flash Wolves have not advanced to the Silver Series since the first week, while T-E on the other hand has yet to end up below the top two places within it. In the first map (Mines), T-E took that round with no problems whatsoever, but the second map (Cliff) saw yoe Flash Wolves snagging a victory by destroying the last T-E tank in the very last seconds of the game, bringing it to a 1:1 tie. The third round sees the two teams battling in Himmelsdorf, where T-E successfully defended yoe's assault and subsequently winning the match. But the Flash Wolves remained unaffected, taking the next victory on Ensk as well as the final round on Steppes, allowing them to advance to the finals of Week 4.

Match 1 Winner

yoe Flash Wolves  3:2 T-E


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: U Are Dead 2:3 One Blood

Round of 4: Match 2

Tournament veterans UAD from Hong Kong found themselves facing off against a new team, One Blood in the second match of the Round of 4. In the first round (Ruinberg), UAD secured a quick victory with the aim of getting One Blood off balance, but the latter swiftly returned the favour by tying the score with 1:1 on the second map, Cliff. UAD managed to win again on the third map (Himmelsdorf) while securing a match point, One Blood once again proves that nothing is certain as they emerge victorious from the last two maps, Mine and Ensk, thus advancing to this week's finals.

Match 2 Winner

U Are Dead 2:3 One Blood



3rd place match: T-E 3:0 U Are Dead

3rd Placing

The 3rd place match sees UAD against T-E fighting it out. Incidentally, it was T-E's first time in a 3rd place match, but they were still clearly on form as they took the required three victories one after another in Ensk, Cliff and Mines, and secured 3rd position of the week.

3rd Place Winner

T-E 3:0 U Are Dead


1st place match: yoe Flash Wolves 3:1 One Blood

1st Place

This week's finals involve two teams that have never had the pleasure to do so: yoe Flash Wolves and One Blood. Fresh from the victory over T-E, the Flash Wolves swiftly took down the first two maps, Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg, leading the match 2-0. Although One Blood mustered the strength to win the third map (Mines), they could not prevent yoe Flash Wolves from securing another victory at Cliff, who becomes the champions of the Round of 4 for this week.

1st Place Winner

yoe Flash Wolves 3:1 One Blood


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