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WGL Silver Series Week 2: Tournament Recaps

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Tank Commanders,

Witness the highest level of World of Tanks gameplay on the Asia server with WGL APAC-ASIA! There are some new kids on the block, replacing the eliminated UAD and yoe Flash Wolves. The two teams from Vietnam are: Immortals and Brave Hearts. What surprises do these new guys have in store for us?

Lets check out the recaps!

Round of 4, first matchup: T-E 3:1 Brave Hearts

Round of 4: Match 1

It's a new challenger vs a veteran team for the first matchup. Brave Hearts against Team Efficiency. In the first map, Brave Hearts gave T-E a stunner in Prokhorovka. A well-executed rush took down T-E in round 1. However, in round 2 and round 3, the veterans showed their opponent what they were made of by using solid defensive strategies, bringing the score to 2:1. In Himmelsdorf, the 4th map, T-E used a beautiful defense to counter Brave Hearts' assault and won the matchup 3:1.

Match 1 Winner

BraveHearts  1:3 T-E


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: PVP Super Friends 1:3 Immortals

Round of 4: Match 2

The second matchup is between two old school tournament teams - PVP Super Friends and Immortals. In the first map Ensk, PVP Super Friends launched an unexpected attack at the last two and a half minutes. Immortals couldn't respond effectively and lost the first round to PVP. However, in the followng two rounds, the Immortals used their exellent team work to take down PVP and sucessfully turned the score to their favour - 2:1. In the fourth round at Himmelsdorf, PVP Super Friends once had a great advantage but failed to keep it. PVP made a few mistakes which cost them a victory. With their excellent team work, the Immortals successfully defeated PVP Super Friends.

Match 2 Winner

PVP Super Friends 1:3 Immortals



3rd place match: PVP Super Friends 3:0 Brave Hearts

3rd Placing

In the first map, Himmelsdorf, Brave Hearts used their rushing style again to break through PVP's defence, but the PVP team was expecting them and thwarted their attack. In the second map, Cliff, fires went out rapidly in the beginning of the game. Both teams battled to their last tank, but PVP Super Friends, a well-experienced veteran team, took down Brave Hearts' last AMX 13 90 with ease and took the second round of the game. In the crucial 3rd map, Mines, PVP Super Friends showed Brave Hearts again the reason why they were superior.

3rd Place Winner

BraveHearts 0:3 PVP Super Friends


1st place match: T-E 1:3 Immortals

1st Place

The final match of week 2 was old school vs old school - Team Efficiency against Immortals. Unfortunately for T-E, their captain Comix was not able to compete due to internet connection issues, so DeathSkyz took the helm as the commander in this champion series. Was T-E affected by this situation? In the first map, Ruinberg, T-E tried to initiate an attack but there seemed to be problems with their strategy which led to their defeat by Immortals.

In the second map, Mines, the Immortals used their signature assaulting style to rush T-E. Unable to react promptly to the sudden attack, they got eliminated in less than 2 minutes after the game started. The Immortals were leading by 2:0. As a decent team, T-E showed their strength in the third map, Cliff. They defended against the Immortals' attack and used their 2 T1s to capture their opponent's base and took one game back. But in the 4th map, Prokhorovka, Immortals used their blitz assault again and swiftly eliminated T-E, preventing them from executing any of their strategies in the final round.

Immortals won the championship of week 2 with a score of 3:1.

1st Place Winner



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