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WGL APAC-ASIA Season 3: Week 1 - 3 Highlights

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Tank Commanders!

The crowd favourites are back to battle for their tickets to the championship tournament of WGL APAC Asia Season 3! One thing's for sure, they're not going easy on each other. Watch their moves, victories and defeats here on the highlights of Week 1-3.


Featured Matches

25th November

  • ELONG vs Charlotte Tiger
  • T-E vs PVP Super Friends
  • PhoeniX vs FRONT MISSION


27th November

  • The Coalition - Singapore vs Horseman
  • ELONG vs PVP Super Friends
  • Charlotte Tiger vs T-E


2nd December

  • Charlotte Tiger vs Horseman
  • T-E vs PhoeniX


4th December

  • ELONG vs The Coalition - Singapore
  • PVP Super Friends vs FRONT MISSION


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