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WGL S2 Finals Team Interview: Charlotte Tiger

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Tank Commanders,

The tigers from Japan got what they wished for in the Gold Series and had a glorious showdown with Arete in the Grand Finals. While team Charlotte Tiger appeared to be totally cool and confident in their previous interview, they admitted that staying in the competition was a big risk - the cause was something which most tankers could relate to. Find out more about their journey as a team and what they felt about Season 2 Finals.


Charlotte Tiger


WG: How did the team come about? And how did you get the team name Charlotte Tiger?

Charlotte Tiger: Founders of our team met in "LiveTube" when our commander Plateaux was streaming to troll his clan member, and they gathered good players.

Our team name was a kind of joke. DN_tomotti had his love, and we just named the team after it.


WG: How did you prepare for the battle?

Charlotte Tiger: We saw a lot of games of our competitors, and trained to perfect tactics that went for the win. We did not have enough training time due to our real lives. That was why we decided to take a risk.


WG: Please describe your confidence level before the Season 2 Qualifiers started.

Charlotte Tiger: Our aim was just to stay in the Gold Series, but we talk big, like what we did for the former interview. We think it made a few people laugh or giggle.


WG: What difficulties did the team encounter during the course of the tournament?

Charlotte Tiger: There was no difficult situation. We did all that we could.


WG: What's your suggestion for good players in Japan who want to join or create a team?

Charlotte Tiger: Effort never betrays you. Train hard. And join us, carry us hard :)


WG: Are you happy with your performance overall? Or are there any areas that you feel you could have done better?

Charlotte Tiger: During Season 2, some members left the team. We were about to disband. So, yes, we are happy about our performance. Not only will we not disband, but we played good games.


WG: How do you feel about the tournament being held in Korea?

Charlotte Tiger: Fantastic. Great places, great management, great teams, great fans.


WG: Is there anything you wish to say to your opponents whom you will be facing in the Season 3 Gold Series?

Charlotte Tiger: We will be the champions next time. We are not talking big or trolling.


WG: Anything else you want to say to the fans?

Charlotte Tiger: Our team has faults – changing members every season, talking big, and camping. Former-campers, rather. So, we thank you for supporting this team with faults! Your support made us strong.