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WGL APAC-Asia S2 Finals: Schedules and Results

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Congratulations to ARETE, the new champion of WGL APAC-Asia Season 2! After weeks of training, preparation and intense battles, ARETE has finally achieved ultimate victory and secured the top prize of USD 60,000!

Of course, we can't forget the runner-ups as well: teams Charlotte Tiger and ELong have fought well at all stages of the tournament and their skill and determination has allowed them to come this far.

A word of thanks must also be said for every team that has participated in WGL APAC-Asia Season 2, as they have succeeded in entertaining their fans all over the region.

See you again in the next tournament season!

Tank Commanders!

The end is finally in sight. After months of intense battles, the last three teams remaining in WGL APAC-Asia S2 will now come together for two more days to decide the ultimate champion of this tournament season.

The Teams


ELONG Charlotte Tiger ARETE
  • ELong_Reflection_CN
  • ELong_Black_CN
  • ELong_GRB_CN
  • ELong_Nightmare_CN
  • ELong_Shaco_CN
  • ELong_star_CN
  • ELong_Kai_CN
  • CT_hiwami
  • CT_t4
  • CT_Starman
  • CT_opelisk
  • CT_Renno
  • CT_mubesi
  • CT_shinozakit
  • CT_KFCstreet (reserve)
  • CT_plateaux (reserve)
  • ARETE_Cowthief
  • ARETE_Evenfall
  • ARETE_gimp
  • ARETE_SiHooPaPa
  • ARETE_Artywor1d
  • ARETE_Christina
  • ARETE_TooSoo (reserve)


Where to Watch

If you somehow can't manage to get yourself to Seoul this week to watch the matches in person, there is still hope! Multiple live streams will be set up specially for the finals so you can watch anywhere you may be in the world, with the commentary set to your preferred language.

Match Schedules

Not sure when to tune in to the live streams to catch the matches? Check out the schedules below to see who will be playing and the date/time of the match.


Day 1


24th October

1st Match ELong
Charlotte Tiger
2nd Match ELong
3rd Match ARETE
Charlotte Tiger


Day 2


25th October

Semi Finals ELong
Charlotte Tiger
Grand Finals ELong

Results & Rankings

Once a match concludes during the finals, this article will be updated with the scores and the winner of said match. Check back often to get the latest results when the finals are underway!

Good luck to all three teams and may the best one win!

Let's Battle!