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The Grand Finals 2015

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The League is the beating heart of World of Tanks eSports. After months of competitive gaming, the best teams are nearing the finish of their seasons in each of the regions and thus, it’s high time to prepare to rock with The Grand Finals.

We are proud to inform you that The Grand Finals will be held in Warsaw, Poland. Yes, that’s the beautiful city which shares our passion in delivering an unforgettable eSports experience. There are many ways to describe how the show went down and why we chose to come back to Warsaw, but best would be to let the words of the media speak for themselves:

“It was bloody massive.”

Warsaw, Poland worked out to be an ideal host for the League Grand Finals.”
- Destructoid

“[…] the production was impressively theatrical.”
- mmorpg

This year The Grand Finals will once again take place in April, starting early Saturday 25 and finishing late afternoon Sunday 26. The event will be held in the EXPO XXI centre.

The twelve best teams from around the world will meet on those days to fight for honour and glory. NA’VI, the 2014 World Champions, representing the CIS server in 2014, are put in the spotlight once more to see if they can claim the title twice in a row. 

Team selection process:

  • Two teams representing Asia and Pacific (APAC, the KR and Asia servers)
  • Two teams representing the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS server)
  • Two teams representing Europe (EU server)
  • Two teams representing North America (NA server)
  • Two teams representing China (CN server)
  • Two teams selected as Wild Cards (WC) – teams selected for their outstanding performance and/or other qualities.





The EXPO XXI centre is a big, modern hall equipped with everything an eSports event needs: good transportation to the centre, massive amount of space and top of the line internet connection. All this will make the eSports experience something you won’t forget, regardless if you came to watch the event live or follow it on the stream.

The hall is a dream come true for anyone who hopes for a great eSports show!


The last step of evolution in the competitive scene was changing the amount of points teams have to spend on vehicles, as well as the game mode. Now the League is played in the 7 vs. 7 format, with each team having 54 tier points available to spend on vehicles up to Tier VIII.

The games are played in the attack/defence mode where one team is protecting two base capture zones, while the other is attempting to outmanoeuvre the defenders to capture them, or destroy all their vehicles. 





The Grand Finals will be streamed live in English and Russian. At the moment these are the only two confirmed official streaming languages. However, we will be doing our best to support additional language streams during the event.

Look out for more information on this topic soon™!




We’ve got a lot of special things in the works right now.  We can’t disclose any information just yet, but you can be sure that you’ll have the chance to benefit from in-game bonuses, as well as grab shiny swag during the event!




We picked the location for The Grand Finals keeping in mind, amongst other factors, how well the city suited our eSports needs and how easily accessible the venue is.

Warsaw was extremely welcoming for our fans as well as our teams and has got a variety of great accommodation options and additional attractions. If anyone would wish to visit the capital of Poland for more than observing the legendary show, he’s sure to have an even more unforgettable stay!

Watch out for more information in the coming months.


See you in Warsaw!