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WGL APAC-Asia Promotion Playoffs Results

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Tank Commanders!

Last week, the best performing teams from the Bronze and Silver Series of WGL APAC-Asia Season 2 assembled once more for the last round of matches of the season. Depending on their results, teams will be promoted to a higher Series in Season 3.

The battles have since been completed and the scores can be seen in a previous article. Now, we are ready to reveal the full list of teams participating in the next season!

Gold Series Teams in WGL APAC-Asia Season 3

  • ELong
  • Charlotte Tiger
  • Team Efficiency (T-E)
  • PVP Super Friends
  • One Blood
  • Front Mission
  • NUMB
  • Horseman


Silver Series Teams in WGL APAC-Asia Season 3

  • NVIDIA Aces
  • GASHPLUS_NightEagles
  • The Coalition - Singapore
  • LoD
  • Pacific Rim Gaming
  • B-Gaming
  • PVP Missionary
  • LXG

The next season of WGL APAC-Asia will begin soon. Check back again for more news about the tournament and how you can sign up for the Bronze Series!