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The MVPs of WGL APAC Season I 2016-2017

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There are good players, and then there are great players. For this Season, we’ve decided to reward some of our region’s best for their performance in the Gold Series, across a broad spectrum of different categories for different battle skills. Find out who these elite warriors are below!

Tank Sniper

Most damage dealt over a 300m range

You won’t even see him coming until it’s too late and your vehicle is but a mere hulk of scrap metal. Dealing an impressive total of 51,142 sniper damage across the Season, it’s no wonder EL Gaming’s FoxTS is both feared and respected by his opponents.

Steel Wall

Most damage blocked

He’s one sturdy tanker, and one you definitely want positioned between you and your enemies! Taking one for the team is DarkWolves’ Gomlee, who has managed to soak up 50,122 damage and lived to tell the tale.

High Caliber

Most damage dealt

Hard-hitting Moudame from Caren Tiger is our pick for top damage dealer, with a phenomenal 255,155 damage on his battle record. He’s clearly more than able to hit where it hurts, so this is one adversary you’d do well to stay far, far away from!

Top Gun

Most tanks destroyed

Yet another prodigious agent of destruction, Meltdown’s Vicetone has swept the battlefield this Season, leaving a whopping 116 of his enemies’ carcasses in lying lifeless in his wake. Going by sheer numbers alone, he’s certainly already a force to be reckoned with.

Patrol Duty

Most damage dealt by allies to spotted enemy tanks

Behind every great tanker – or in this case, going ahead of said tanker – is an equally able teammate with a sharp eye. To the members of Caren Tiger, Shinozakit is that teammate, helping to gather lots of precious intel for successful plays, and even enabling his team to do 50,603 damage.