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Official Disqualification of SuperNoobs from WGL APAC-ASIA Season II 2015 – 2016

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In order to protect the credibility, reputation and best interest of the Wargaming League, all rules regarding the enforcement of anti-cheating measures must be strictly adhered to.

Therefore, Wargaming would like to announce that with immediate effect, team SuperNoobs will be disqualified from WGL APAC-ASIA Season II 2015 – 2016 entirely due to a violation of tournament rules, specifically:

4. Game Replays and WoT Python.log

All Gold Series team members are required to submit their python logs and game battle replays to TeSL/OGN eMail ( after every match without fail, within the next 3 hours after their match ends. Failure to comply would lead to immediate disqualification, effective from 7th Jan 2016.

Wargaming would like to stress that any form of cheating or unfair acts are strictly prohibited in the Wargaming League. Teams found to have violated the rules and regulations as stated in WGL rules will be dealt with and the organiser reserves the right to impose penalties to the teams in whichever ways deem fit.

SuperNoobs has failed to submit the required files for verification after the Top 4 Playoffs match, despite prior warning. Without these files, we cannot ensure a fair and clean game for all our players, and this is already a second violation. As a result of their disqualification, team Horsemen has been contacted to replace them in the Season II Finals.

We hope that this incident will serve as a reminder to our players that all tournament rules must be followed; teams that are found guilty of breaking them will face swift investigation and penalization.

We thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.