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WGL APAC-Asia S3 Week 7

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Tank Commanders,

We come at last to the final week of matches for WGL APAC-Asia before the finals! The top 4 teams in the Gold Series will be duking it out this time, fighting to secure one of two spots in the Season Finals. Who will stay and who will leave? Find out by catching all the matches this week!

In this article, you'll find match schedules for the Silver and Gold Series taking place this week, coupled with an embedded video stream linking directly to the official Twitch channel that will broadcast the matches live. Once they're finished, the schedule will be updated once again to reflect the results.

For the best experience, we recommend bookmarking this page for easy access when the matches begin or to learn about the results after they're over! Alternatively, you can also visit the official WGL portal here.

Match Schedules

Gold Series


20th January

1st Match ELONG
2nd Match Team Efficiency
Charlotte Tiger
3rd Match Match 1 Winner
Match 2 Winner

22nd January

4th Match Match 1 Loser
Match 2 Loser
5th Match Match 4 Winner
Match 3 Loser

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