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WGL APAC-Asia Qualifying Stages Results

Tank Commanders!

The Qualifying Stages of WGL APAC-Asia Season 2 are now concluded. From next week onwards, the tournament will transition to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Series, where teams will battle amongst each other for the top spot in their respective brackets.

Based on their level of success, the top 4 teams in the Gold Series will make it to the Playoffs phase. Each of the 4 teams must then battle amongst themselves to secure their spot in the Grand Finals, but only two may ascend.

At the same time, teams in the Bronze and Silver series will also battle their way to the top for the promise of prizes, as well as the chance to be promoted to the next Series level in Season 3 of WGL APAC-Asia.

The journey to the Grand Finals may have just begun, but there's no time to be complacent. Here are the teams that have earned their right to be in the Silver and Gold series next week...

Silver Series

The following teams have successfully qualified to compete in Week 1 of the WGL APAC-Asia Silver Series:

Horsemen LiberTi_125 LoD
LXG One Blood pacific rim gaming The Coalition - Singapore


Gold Series

The following teams have successfully qualified to compete in Week 1 of the WGL APAC-Asia Gold Series:

Charlotte Tiger ELONG GASHPLUS_NightEagles Intense Honking
NUMB NVIDIA Aces PVP Super Friends T-E

Vote for your favourite player at the Players' Choice Awards!

Is there a particular player in the tournament that has impressed you greatly? Here's your chance to show your appreciation! You also stand a chance to win exclusive premiums when you vote, so keep at it!

The Players' Choice Awards allows spectators like you to vote for your favourite players according to their skills in battle. There are three categories available to choose from:


Show no fear! Which player makes the craziest plays and is the most fearless of the lot?

Brothers in Arms

Leave no man behind! Which player do you think you can count on the most in battle?


You can run, but you can't hide. Which eagle-eye player has the most accurate shot?


Note: The names of the awards bear no relation to the actual achievements found in game, or vice versa.

Don't forget to watch the live stream for Season 2 and choose who you think best deserves these awards! Voting will begin after the conclusion of the Silver and Gold Series.