The WCI Finals: Let the Battles Begin! [Finished]

HIT AND RUN are the champions!

Here are the rankings:

  • 1st Place: HIT AND RUN
  • 2nd Place: OPUR
  • 3rd Place: FALCONS
  • 4th Place: SMILE
  • 5th Place: G-CAT
  • 6th Place: MMMC

WCI Finals

November 24–26 at 15:00 (UTC+8) until 22:00 (UTC+8) each day



The 2023 World of Tanks Championship International Finals are about to begin! After months of competition, the six strongest teams from Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and China have secured their places in the finals. From November 24 to 26, these teams will do battle on the Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center stage in Shanghai, China to decide which one is the World of Tanks World Champion and take home the biggest part of the 1,000,000 RMB (~USD137,000) prize pool:

1st place 500,000 RMB (~USD68,000) 3rd & 4th place 100,000 RMB (~USD13,000)
2nd place 200,000 RMB (~USD27,000) 5th & 6th place 50,000 RMB (~USD6,800)

Tournament Participants

Here are the six teams that represent North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and China—hover over each team logo for a brief bio:







Watch the Finals Live

November 24 at 15:00 UTC+8 until 22:00 UTC+8 Group Stage 6 matches
November 25 at 15:00 UTC+8 until 22:00 UTC+8 Playoff Stage 4 matches
November 26 at 15:00 UTC+8 until 22:00 UTC+8 Playoff Stage 4 matches

Join us one hour before each day's matches begin for an incredible experience on the official English World of Tanks Twitch channel! Our experts will lead you through each day and provide invaluable commentary. You also have the opportunity to earn Twitch Drops simply by watching the action unfold.

Don’t forget to link your Wargaming and Twitch accounts to ensure you don’t miss any fantastic rewards!

Elfishguy Keyhand


Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are enabled for all three days! Simply tune in to the English World of Tanks Twitch channel or watch streams with drops enabled and earn rewards!

The more you watch, the more Twitch Drops you’ll receive. Check the details below to see which Drops you can pick up and when.

  • Friday, November 24
  • Saturday, November 25
  • Sunday, November 26
Friday, November 24

Guaranteed Drops

2023-11-24 from 06:00:00 (UTC) until 14:00:00 (UTC)

After 180 minutes:

  • 3 Personal Reserves: +50% to XP (1 hour)
  • 3 Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • 3 Large First Aid Kit
  • 3 Large Repair Kit
Saturday, November 25

Guaranteed Drops

2023-11-25 from 06:00:00 (UTC) until 14:00:00 (UTC)

After 180 minutes:

  • 3 Case of Cola
  • 3 Chocolate
  • 3 Onigiri
Sunday, November 26

Mystery Drops

2023-11-26 from 06:00:00 (UTC) until 14:00:00 (UTC)

After 240 minutes, one of the following:

If you receive a vehicle that you already own from the Mystery Drop, you will be compensated in credits instead.

Tune in to our official English World of Tanks Twitch channel for the WCI Finals November 24–26 and enjoy plenty of action with valuable Twitch Drops!

Roll Out!


"Honed Precision, Inspired Teamwork, Triumph and RUN"

The runner-up of European WOT7 in October 2023, HIT AND RUN won three of the five championships in the European WOT7 finals. The team recently added three experienced Polish tournament players to its ranks.


"Overcoming Pressure, Unyielding Resilience"

Current EU WoT7 Champions (October 2023), OPUR had a 3-1 and 3-0 victory over the Falcons and G-CAT (respectively) in a prior WCI Challenge. Time for a rematch!


"Swift Maneuvers Instigate Lethal Engagements"

A team with a mix of players from Canada, the United States, and South America, SMILE won all of the last three North American 7v7 competitions.


"While having fun, we are committed to winning"

Team has proven their strength through their recent victory in the WCI APAC qualifiers and their goal is to place in the top 3 at WCI.


"Firestorm Assault, Lightning Charge, Overpower Now"

A newly formed team that was a dark horse in the WCI China Qualifiers, winning the championship in one fell swoop.


"Ground Combat, Armored Titans"

Runner-up in the WCI China Qualifiers, the veteran team has won many World of Tanks awards, including 2021 WCL (third place), 2022 WCL (runner-up), and 2023 WCL (third place).