Rise of Champions: Join WoT Championship International


The WCI (World of Tanks Championship International) tournament is here. It is your chance to compete against the best teams from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and China in epic 7v7 battles. Sign up, beat the competition, and earn your spot in the offline tournament finals live in China.

The championship team will take home the title and a share of the 1,000,000 RMB (approx. USD 140,000 at time of publishing) prize pool!

The regional online qualifiers will start very soon and determine who meets live on stage in China for the offline finals later this year! Keep an eye out for more details.

Participation Conditions & Legal Disclaimers


General Conditions

Each player of the team that, based on the results of this Contest, qualifies for participation in the WCI Tournament acknowledges that for participation in the WCI Tournament, this player has to be able to travel to China during the respective tournament period. This means, among other things:

  1. Having the necessary foreign travel documents and obtaining a Chinese visa.
  2. Not being subject to any specific restrictions that would prevent departure from the country of residence or arrival in China.
  3. Providing travel document details and personal data necessary for arranging the travel to the organizer of the WCI Tournament at its request.
  4. Following the required steps to obtain a Chinese visa in the respective Chinese embassy and fully cooperating on that matter with the organizer of the WCI Tournament.
  5. Bearing certain visa expenses that will be compensated later by the organizer of the WCI Tournament upon the provision of payment documents (which must be kept by the player).

Only players aged 18 or older are allowed to participate.

Costs Covered by the WCI Tournament Organizer

As part of a player’s participation in the WCI Tournament, its organizer will cover the following costs:

  • The fee for issuance of the Chinese visa to the player.
  • Travel from the country of the player’s residence to the city where the WCI Tournament will take place and back. The airport of departure in the player’s country of residence will be chosen by the WCI Tournament organizer at their discretion but taking into consideration the convenience of the player and flight ticket availability.
  • Accommodation in China, meals, and insurance for the duration of the WCI Tournament.
  • Travel from the place of accommodation to the location of the WCI Tournament.

Expenses not listed above may have to be borne by the player.

The Right to Invite Additional Teams

The players acknowledge that the organizer of the WCI tournament may invite more than one team from a specific region due to the inability of any other team to participate or other reasons at the organizer’s discretion.

Terms of Participation

Players that do not agree with any of the conditions listed in this section, “CONDITIONS OF WCI TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION, cannot participate in the WCI Tournament and should inform their team manager about this as soon as possible. The team manager needs to replace any such players with substitutes. In any event, the team roster must have no more than 8 players, including the team manager. It is a requirement of participation that at least 4 players chosen for the WCI Tournament team roster must also be in the team roster of the present Contest.

Players acknowledge that to participate in the WCI Tournament, in addition to the conditions specified above, they accept the official rules of the WCI Tournament that will be made available by its organizer at a later date.

All participating players are required to adhere to universally recognized standards of conduct throughout the competition. It is strictly prohibited to engage in any activities that violate the game rules, local laws, and regulations, the principles of fair competition, or any form of inappropriate behavior. Additionally, players must refrain from making any speech or exhibiting behavior that is deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to those related to race, politics, ethnicity, clan affiliation, or gender.


This will be an offline tournament that's filled with excitement. We hope you’re as excited as we are and ready to prove yourself as the best team in APAC—and the world!

Need some practice? Join the new biweekly 7v7 tournament and battle for glory and gold prizes.

Roll Out!