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Voting Begins for the Players Choice Awards!

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Tank Commanders!

The time has finally come. You can now begin voting for the WGL APAC-Asia Players Choice Awards!

Over the past few weeks, you've watched the players battle it out over and over against different teams. Now we're asking you one simple question: who's your favourite?

Is it the one that drives the AMX 50 100 so expertly that his every movement is a stroke of genius? Or is it the one that rushes fearlessly into battle (even though things don't always turn out well for him)?

Whoever it is you're thinking of, you can now show your appreciation by voting for your favourites in three seperate categories:


Show no fear! Which player makes the craziest plays and is the most fearless of the lot?

Brothers in Arms

Leave no man behind! Which player do you think you can count on the most in battle?


You can run, but you can't hide. Which eagle-eye player has the most accurate shot?


If you need another source of motivation to vote, there's this: A successful vote will entitle you to a chance of winning exclusive World of Tanks premiums.

How to Vote

When you have made up your mind about who to vote for, just visit the polling page by clicking on the relevant button links below. Each category is served by one link, so use all three to get in every vote.

Voting period: 7 - 20 Oct, 2014

Winners Announcement: 24 Oct, 2014

Vote for the Spartan category

Vote for the Brothers in Arms category

Vote for the Sharpshooter category

Good luck and Roll out!