Tournaments Across Tiers

We are proud to announce two upcoming tournaments exclusive to the ANZ region. We heard you loud and clear, so we put together two unique, exciting tournaments for the community to get involved in, both being very different from each other.

Protezch the Czech! Friday June 12 at 8:00PM UTC+10

The first tournament we bring you is the brilliant creation of our Community Contributor Stewy! This tournament is a little more casual and easy-going than our next tournament and should ensure a great night with a lot of laughs.

The format is 11v11, where ten Tier 3 non premium tanks protect their President in the Tier 1 Czech Kolohousenka. Will you form a wall around him? Will you guard him in a corner of the map, the possibilities are endless, and it should form a great night.

Click here for more information and to register  

Brothers in ANZ - June 27th

Given the recent success of the 'Brothers in Arms' Advances agreement on the ANZ server, we thought you might like a Tech Tree tournament too!

Teams of 3 will qualify at Tier 8, with the losers bracket being played at Tier 6, and the winners progressing to Tier 10! Only Tech Tree vehicles allowed however, and in keeping with BIA rules - no wheeled vehicles either. Both brackets will be playing for Premium tanks, with plenty of gold and customisations up for grabs as well. More details on registration to follow, keep your eyes on the Portal for updates!

So spread the word, get your clan mates, friends and teams together and we hope to see you in these ANZ exclusive tournaments!