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[Tournament] Save the Princess #2

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Tank Commanders!

The terrible villains have captured Princess Jilsa once more. We're rounding up the best of teams of tankers to save her. Resourceful as always, Jilsa managed to find a T1 Cunningham to get away with. But the enemy will be on the chase.

Gather your team to be part of this rescue mission!

Roll out!

Tournament: Save the Princess!

At the moment, Jilsa is in hiding with her engine off. While she waits for help to arrive, a Single Elimination tournament will be held to select the best 8 teams judging by their skills in battle.

When the time comes, both the bandits and the heroes will be tracking down Jilsa; the bandits will attempt to recapture Jilsa, while the heroes are charged with her safety.

There's no time to lose. Jilsa's captors are closing in every passing minute and we need your help to rescue her. Teams that carry out the rescue mission successfully will be richly rewarded with gold. Fail to secure Jilsa's escape however, and heads will roll...*

* - Heads will probably not roll

The final matches for the top 8 teams against WG team will be streamed live on 19th December @ 8pm UTC+8. Return to this page at the appointed time to watch it live with the embedded player below!

Note: The commentary will be available in Mandarin only.


Tournament Rules

  • Maximum players per team: 3
  • Maximum vehicle Tier: 6
  • Total Tier points available per team: 13
  • Game mode: Standard Battle, Best-of-1 Series, Single Elimination
  • Total Available slots for tournament: 1024 teams
  • Map pool: Ensk
  • Tournament dates: 17th and 19th December



  • Top 8 teams (Awarded per member): 2,000
  • Additional gold per member for defeating the WG team: 2,000


Team Captains of the top 4 teams are to PM yamanetw on the forums with the following details by 17th December, Wednesday 23:59 UTC+8 (15:59 UTC): 

  • Skype contact
  • e-mail address
  • Team logo at least 600x600 pixels in PNG format 



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Tournament: Save the Princess! 10 Dec 2014
16 Dec, 2014
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