World of Tanks Tournaments: Join Now and Play!

Are you tired of the same old Random Battles? Ready to really challenge yourself? Take your play to the next level by joining a tournament! You’re just a few simple steps away from gold and glory. Here’s how to register!

Step 1: Pick a Tournament

Pop on over to the tournament page – there’s always a wide array of exciting events going on, so you’re sure to find something that suits your skill level or schedule. Hover over each tournament to get a basic idea of what it’s about, then click on the Learn More button for details.

You can also use the Tournament Search function to find more cool activities to try out!

Pick your poison!

Make sure you read all the rules and regulations of your chosen tournament carefully before registering. Once you’ve picked one, click the Join Now button. Try it out now!

Join A Tournament

Step 2: Form a Team

In order to participate in a tournament, you need to be part of a team. You can either join an existing one, or create your own.

Which will it be?

Support Fellow Tankers


Want to make some new friends? Click Find Team to display a list of existing teams to join. The ones with a lock icon on their Join button require a password, so you may wish to use the contact info provided to get in touch with the team captain.

Choose a team, and get ready to fight!

Congrats – you’re now a member of your chosen team!


Become A Leader


Some of us were born to command, not follow. Select Create Team to start gathering your crew – simply enter your team name and contact details. Please note that these contact details will be made visible to the public, so that other players can request to join your team.

You may also pick a password if you want to limit joining to a select few.

Lead your team to victory!

Invite your buddies to join your team by sharing the link to the team’s page.

And we’re all set for an all-out brawl!

When you have enough players in your team, remember to click Confirm Lineup to complete your registration.


Step 3: Battle!

Once you’ve joined or created your team, all that’s left to do is show up and battle. Be sure to check the match schedule on the tournament details page so you don’t miss a match! We highly recommend that all team members log in to World of Tanks at least 30 minutes before the designated match start time.

It’s time to fall in!

Wait for a Special Battle notification to pop up. This is your cue! Select your vehicle, then click to enter the battle room.

Stand to, soldier!

The team captain will now transfer all playing members of the team from the Queue to the Members section. Once this is done, all members MUST click the Ready button, and wait for the battle to begin automatically when the timer reaches 00:00.

Remember, if you haven’t clicked the Ready button by the time the match begins, your team will be considered unavailable and the opponent’s team will receive a technical victory – nobody wants that!

You now know all you need to know to join your very first tournament. So go forth and seize victory on the battlefield, commander! Good luck!

Join A Tournament