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The Grand Finals Hall of Fame

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The twelve teams participating in The Grand Finals are so close we can almost hear the roar of those massive engines in our ears. This is the event all eSports fans from the universe have been waiting for, and it will be bigger and better than anything you’ve ever seen in its class. Such an event deserves a hub for everyone to look at as the main source of updates.

This purpose is served by our new Hall of Fame, and is available for your use on the URL used before as the landing page of the entire event:

The Grand Finals

 The entire portal will be released for you in three distinct stages, to ensure the maximum effectiveness of information delivery on this new home page. After all, we all know that your time is the most precious resource. This also gives you three great reasons for bookmarking the page for future reference!

Stage One

We are currently in the first stage of the Hall of Fame. The current state of the portal will help you out in many ways, especially if you haven’t been following the server representations of all five regions:

  • Give you the lowdown on the teams competing for the World Champion title.
  • Provide you with the basic bracket, which should help you understand how the event will progress, depending on the events happening on the live stream.
  • Help you get to the venue and get around Warsaw, if you’re one of the lucky ones to be able to visit the venue in person.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will also find the most important button. By signing in with your ID, you will be subscribed to The Grand Finals information system, which will send you additional information to your personal email address and in-game if you happen to be logged in at the moment when the stream goes live.

Stage Two

25 April: when the show starts rolling out and the twelve organized teams go to battle, the website will undergo modifications.

It will become home to the live stream of The Grand Finals and a regularly updated scoreboard.

If you’re going to attend the event in person, it’s a great method of keeping in the loop of the score when you’re not at the venue, while if you’re following the event from the abyss of the web, it will definitely be your best source of World of Tanks eSports delight.

Stage Three

After the last games take place on 26 April, the portal will take its final form. The Hall of Fame will be home to a delightful presentation of the 2015 World Champion of The Grand Finals and the runner-ups.